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Women’s Formula is a fluid extract specifically designed for women and their particular needs. A woman might face a range of health concerns, especially around the menstrual cycle and the major hormonal changes of menopause. There is always in the background a concern for the hormonal balance between the interaction of progesterone and estrogen—an excess or lack of either can lead to a number of the well-known problems.

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Women’s Formula is an energy tonic that is not too warming. The intent is to quiet nervous stress and tension, regulate the menstrual cycle, improve circulation, curb menopausal weight gain, water retention, mood swings, and keep the vaginal lining healthy, while providing a balanced energy for the entire body.

Contains: Organic cannabis, Vitex, Black cohosh root, Bupleurum, Dong quai, Motherwort, Maca, Damiana, Concentrated mineral co-factors.

Recommended dosage: 1 Teaspoon, or follow your physician’s recommendation.

165.27 mg of active Cannabinoids per 30 ml bottle
79 mg of active CBD per 30 ml bottle
78.5 mg of active THC per 30 ml bottle

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Great product to use during your period.

I used this during my last period and had a much more pleasant time than others. Less cramping, less crazy swings, and not much of the weeping sadness that hormones usually bring. It includes a lot of great herbs such as Vitex and dong quai, which have been used for centuries as traditional folk remedies for what we now call PMS, PMDD, and even menopause (and are used today in over the counter supplements and prescribed by OBGYNs!). I would definitely recommend any woman that has had uncomfortable periods (physically or emotionally) to try this and see if it helps.



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Women's Formula

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