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ViVE Cannabis Tabs

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  • Lemon-Lime - Pure CBD 5mg per piece | 20 pieces per bottle
  • Crisp Mint - 5mg CBD + 1mg THC per piece | 20 pieces per bottle
  • Tangelo (Hybrid) - 1mg THC per piece | 75 pieces per bottle
  • Sour Apple (Sativa) - 5mg THC per piece | 19 piece per bottle
  • Ginger Peach - 2.5mg CBD + 2.5mg THC per piece | 20 pieces per bottle
  • Pineapple Passionfruit (Indica) - 5mg THC | 19 pieces per bottle

Simple and sweet, ViVE Tabs are fully compressed cannabis tablets, similar in style to a typical breath mint. ViVE offers a versatile line of tablets, each with a burst of natural and organic flavors. 

The ViVE Tabs have an extremely low calorific content, less than 19 calories per bottle, and made with entirely natural ingredients, including an organic grape sugar, which goes straight to the body for energy. Complete with a dash of organic Stevia, non-GMO flavoring, and no added colors.

ViVE Tabs are not made with polyols (sugar alcohols; i.e., sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, isomalt, and more) because although polyols taste refreshing, they are infamous for causing gastrointestinal symptoms. ViVE independently tests four times throughout the production process to ensure absolute accuracy and potency. Precise formulations and proper mixing times ensure the homogeneous distribution of cannabis in each piece.

How to Consume ViVE Tabs

The ViVE Tabs provide a unique ability to incrementally track consumption with a variety of methods.

ViVE Tabs may be used as a sublingual or buccal to allow the cannabis to soak into the bloodstream for a faster response. Some might find they prefer chewing or allowing it to dissolve much like with a mint.

You can always try two at once, perhaps try mixing the Lemon Lime, Pure CBD with the Tangelo, 1mg THC, for an exciting citrus experience. This knowledge allows each consumer to fine tune their personalized cannabis experience and fine tune their ViVE.

Customer Reviews

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ViVE Cannabis Tabs

Great green door delivery serice

The process was a little confusing at first to sign up and use my credit card but one everything was approved and said and done, the staff was extremely helpful, delivery was prompts and the driver was very friendly. I will be ordering from them again. Thank you for you professionalism and great service

Little Mints that Work like a Tincture

Take 3 of these for a day of wonder and amusement!

Tastes great + low sugar

I love having an edible that's low sugar and calorie as so many are just packed with both. These little mints taste great (I got the lemon lime CBD ones) and I like being able to microdose with them easily instead of having to cut something up. Great product, will purchase again.


ViVE Cannabis Tabs



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ViVE Cannabis Tabs

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