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Toasted Rooster 180mg

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Toasted Rooster is a gourmet experience for the sophisticated palate. It’s dark, 70% cacao chocolate expertly blended with toasted pepita and artisanal sea salt for a perfect salty-sweet combo, and it’s infused with 180 mg of THC. Each piece melts in your mouth and melts your worries away.

Edibles can take longer to take effect than other methods of THC uptake, but the effects often last much longer too 180 mg of THC per bar, 15 mg per piece Chocolate with 70% or more cacao has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure

Dixie Edibles are triple lab tested for consistency and quality When you consume a Dixie edible, the THC is processed in your liver—transforming from a Δ-9 is to a more potent 11-hydroxy


Important NOTE:

The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours.

When consuming this product, your body will absorb the THC in your gastrointestinal track and process it in your liver. The amount of time it takes for this product to take effect can vary depending on a number of variables—like how much you’ve eaten and what you’ve eaten. This is just one of four ways your body can absorb THC.


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Helps with pain.

While the the is minimal, a couple of bones lays me out! Donald (?) was super fast and very least the.

5 star

Toasted Rooster 180mg



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Toasted Rooster 180mg

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