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PureGold Cartridge - Pineapple

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GoldCarts: The clearly superior vaporizer cartridge

Requires matching battery for ultimate vaping experience

  • Instant relief without inhaling burning plant material
  • No combustion byproducts, carbon monoxide or particulates
  • Faint sweet vapor does not smell like marijuana
  • No polyethylene/propylene glycol

GoldCarts™ are crystal clear and clearly superior. That’s because our PureGold process keeps only the cannabinoids and removes everything else. No contaminants, no solvents, no molds, and no propylene glycol. You will not find a higher quality vape pen cartridge available anywhere.

Vaporizing with GoldCarts is discreet, cleaner and safer compared to smoking cannabis. That means no unhealthy combustion byproducts, no particulates, no cloud of smoke and no marijuana smell. You'll enjoy better flavor without dry mouth.

Available in 1.0g. Enjoy five smoke-free flavors: Classic, Pineapple, Crème Brulee, Spearmint and Earl Grey.

Contains 75% PureGold cannabinoid oil, 25% refined fruit extract



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PureGold Cartridge - Pineapple

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