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Pineapple Express

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Green Door West Pineapple Express is the child of the grand strain Trainwreck which was crossed with Hawaii strain. The smell has been likened to fresh apple and mango, with strong flavors of pineapple, pine and cedar. This hard-hitting sativa with light green buds that are dense with thick resin, provides an energetic high up to 2 hours. 

Also available in prerolls for your convenience 

Thanks to the popular “stoner film” of the same name, this strain may not be quite as mind blowing as the movie makes it out to be, Pineapple Express still offers an exquisite body-numbing buzz.

Before the onset of this buzz, however, the strain offers a number of cerebral effects. These effects are described as both stimulating and calming with both a heightened mood and senses. More experienced users feel energized from using this strain and report it increasing creativity, focus and awareness.

The pineapple-flavored taste to this smoke can leave users with a dry mouth and eyes. When using higher doses or when baking this strain into edibles users may experience dizziness, headaches and paranoia as well.

The powerful cerebral effects are the number one reason Pineapple Express is chosen for medicinal purposes by patients. Aside from easing stress and anxiety, this sativa can be great at lessening the symptoms of chronic depression as well. Pineapple Express is also chosen by those suffering from mild aches and pains but is not recommended for those suffering from severe pain. To a lesser degree it is also used to induce appetite and calm nausea.

We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world's best single-stage grinder.


22.2%THC - 0.16%CBD
California Born, Raised and Loved: 
Indoor Hydroponic Farm - Veganic Premium cultivation - Organically Grown - No Pesticides or Fungicides

Customer Reviews

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5 star

Very good, I think I never got my 1time prasent.

5 star

Pineapple Express


very nice

Good clean high.

Really helped with my creativity.

Wunderbar! Better than the movie.

While the "stoner flick" put this flower strain into the public spot light, its time on the silver screen is not the reason you should get to know it; the reason you want to get to know this hybrid is because of its therapeutic properties for alleviating anxiety. Pineapple Express is similar in strength to Headband, but with a higher THC & CBD content, and while it offers a full-body "high" you won't feel completely couch-locked as it is a sativa dominant hybrid. Looks good, feels good, and grinds up and rolls quite nicely.



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Pineapple Express

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