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Oakor Slips

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THC infused breath strips developed on the shores of the Puget sound in the SODO district of Seattle. These cannabis products are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

Since Oakor Slips are absorbed sublingually (underneath the tongue) —  the cannabanoids in Slips are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without being affected by your liver first. This means you get a faster acting medicine with up to 6x the bio-availability of a traditional edible.

  • HYBRID:  Made from the finest Indica/Sativa Hybrid strains in Washington State. (10 X 10mg slips)
  • SATIVA: A simple, discreet way to enhance your energy and your creativity (10 X 10mg slips)
  • INDICA: Relax the body and the mind. (10 X 10mg slips)
  • CBD:  little gems packed with 10mg of CBD into one little slip. (10 X 10mg slips)
  • Extra Strength: Each slip is 20mg THC (10 X 20mg slips)
  • Low-Dose: Each slip is 5mg THC (10 X 5mg slips)
  • 10 X 10mg slips per per tin - 20Mg slips Extra Strength - 5mg slips Low Dose 
  • Dissolves smoothly for quick absorption
  • New formula ensures reliable experience. 
  • Discreet edible perfect for delivering a consistent dose.

Allowing slips to completely dissolve on your tongue will result in fastest activation - Slips are triple lab tested for consistency and quality.



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Oakor Slips

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