Male Libido Formula - 30 ml bottle
Male Libido Formula - 30 ml bottle

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Male Libido Formula - 30 ml bottle

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Especially formulated for men, the herbs in Male Libido work synergistically with the cannabis to help support energy resources and balance. They are adaptogenic tonics in nature; they oxygenate and increase blood flow; and most are well known, traditional libido enhancers. This tincture also provides vitamins and minerals to support prostate functioning.

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Organic Glycerin


187.67 mg of active Cannabinoids per 30 ml bottle
0.81 mg of active CBD per 30 ml bottle
206.74 mg of active THC per 30 ml bottle

American Ginseng: Provides circulatory and immune support. A stress reducer, hypertension balancer, liver protector, an anti-inflammatory, improves memory, and is well known for vitalizing blood flow. Recognized worldwide as a premier adaptogen for enhancing mental and physical well-being.

Milky Oat Straw: Its high silica content strengthens the entire nervous system, providing steadiness and calm.

Siberian Eleuthero: A classic adaptogen, enhancing energy reserves and helping in recovery from both physical and emotional stress, providing adrenal support. Good for endurance, mood, productivity, and virility.

Sarsaparilla: A tropical root good for metabolic and endocrine support, known to enhance testosterone levels.

Saw Palmetto: Clinical trials have shown its benefits for nourishing and supporting prostate functioning.

Tribulus Terrestris: It is a libido enhancer, reputed to restore and increase testosterone levels and sex drive.

Tienchi (Notoginseng): It has the ability to increase coronary blood flow, thereby overall circulation.

Muara Puama: A strong energy and libido tonic, called “potency wood,” traditionally used for impotence.

Catuaba: Traditional use in Brazil for its aphrodisiac property. Provides nervous system support and recovery.

TongKat Ali: A traditional libido booster from Southeast Asia, enhancing performance, virility, strength.

Damiana: Widely used in Mexico as an aphrodisiac, increasing energy and restoring libido.

Hawaiian Ginger: Used in the formula as a catalyst and carrier, clearing the circulation and moving blood.


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Male Libido Formula - 30 ml bottle

M. an athlete needs proper nutrients

You too can restore the stamina you may have lost due to various stressors in life. Try this regardless of your "athletic ability" or age and experience the performance and virility like never before.



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Male Libido Formula - 30 ml bottle

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