Hmbldt Arouse - Dose Pen
Hmbldt Arouse - Dose Pen
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Hmbldt Arouse - Dose Pen

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Awarded hmbldt's tastiest formula, Arouse has a fruity and sweet flavor that provides a mellow euphoria. This can be advantagous to set the mood, or as we like to say, foreplay for your foreplay! Arouse has become a customer favorite for every day use as well, with it's unique, non-sedative, uplifting and warming effects.

A THC-forward formula designed to relax your mind and body. This formula uses a precise terpene blend featuring linalool and farnesene, to help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally. The pre-filled hmbldt dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time.

Also available in Sleep, ReliefBliss, Calm and Passion.

The Hmbldt dose pen, uses superior vaporization elements designed to heat each formulas to a precise temperature and deliver benefits quickly and accurately. Consistent dosage is guaranteed through three key features: optimized temperature control, controlled airflow and time control.


The Hmbldt Story

Hmbldt’s heart and soul lies in the rich landscape of Humboldt County,
home to strains rich in healing major and minor cannabinoids and
terpenes that make up the formulas.

Hmbldt was founded with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant. Science has proven that cannabis provides functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation. Hmbldt has determined the exact balance of cannabis derived compounds to create targeted products that deliver a consistent response, while controlling the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects.

The dose pen are designed specifically to deliver a precise dosage of formulas each and every time.



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Hmbldt Arouse - Dose Pen

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