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Chocolate Diesel

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High Potency Sativa Strain 

Chocolate Diesel is a sativa cannabis strain that brings together genetics from the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. With soaring euphoria that shoots straight to the head, Chocolate Diesel could easily be compared to a cup of coffee. Its flavors offer a little part of both parents, with notes of both earthy chocolate and skunky diesel.

Also available in prerolls for your convenience 

A true sativa of the ages when Chocolate Thai meets NYC Diesel, one word: Tasty!!! A tall lanky plant that recreates classic flavours. Crazy soaring high that sees no ceiling! 

Chocolate Thai is a sativa bred by Dutch Flowers. The strain is renowned for potent cerebral effects, despite its spindly, skimpy appearance. 

NYC Diesel (or Soma Sour Diesel) is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between a Sour Diesel clone and an Afghani/Hawaiian male. This sativa-leaning strain provides strong cerebral effects that ease into a deep, full-body relaxation over time. A pungent lime and grapefruit aroma is the mark of a high quality batch, like those that won this strain five Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s. NYC Diesel’s happy, talkative qualities make this hybrid a good choice for social activities and many anxiety-prone consumers praise it for its paranoia-free effects.


We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower!

29.7%THC - 0.14%CBD
California Born, Raised and Loved: 
Indoor Hydroponic Farm - Veganic Premium cultivation - Organically Grown - No Pesticides or Fungicides

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars

Dan and Raja are cool

Blast Off

I tend to lean more toward mellower strains with high CBD:THC ratios, but decided to give a go on this as it was compared to a cup of coffee. Not entirely accurate, but nevertheless a very fun, virtually paranoia-free high. Great for ping-pong, would do again.


Chocolate Diesel

Very good cannabis

A very cool transaction with green door. Had a driver raja come out on a ridiculousluy hot day and give me very excellent products with a tremendous attribute. Highly recommended.

Strong indica

Very sedating! Driver was super fast! Can't remember his name, but he deserves credit for his fast response!



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Chocolate Diesel

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