Care By Design - Sublingual Spray
Care By Design - Sublingual Spray
Care By Design - Sublingual Spray

Care By Design

Care By Design - Sublingual Spray

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Care By Design - Sublingual Sprays - 5ml Bottles
Patients are rapidly advancing beyond the binary world of indica and sativa flowers into a spectrum of ratios of CBD and THC. Care By Design is furthering this trend with their unmatched line of mouth sprays that are light-years beyond smoked formulations. The leading CBD product-maker uses locally grown, outdoor plants (available year-round thanks to light deprivation) in their tincture, which is crafted in a PFC-certified lab and then lab-tested with results available for public view. Each bottle offers precise dosing in an easy-to-use oral spray. Care By Design offers five ratios of CBD-dominant medicine from 18:1 CBD:THC to 1:1. Patients report using the 18:1 sublingual spray for various ailments including epilepsy, breast cancer, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pancreatitis to name a few.
Care By Design products:
  • Are made from the flowers and leaf of local, sustainably grown cannabis
  • Are made in medically appropriate formulations, including sublingual sprays, softgel caps, and oil extracts
  • Offer a full spectrum of CBD:THC ratios and strains so that patients can comfortably optimize their cannabinoid therapy while moderating (or even eliminating) psychoactive effects
  • Are rigorous consistency (unit to unit) in the quantity of active ingredients by manufacturing all products in a pharmaceutical-grade "clean" room
  • Are lab tested as free from contaminants in a PFC-­certified lab
  • Include complete and accurate labeling
  • Promote community safety by using non-­volatile extraction methods


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    Care By Design - Sublingual Spray

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