Honey Gold Oil Syringe (1g)


Honey Gold Oil Syringe (1g)

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CannaKids takes clarification to the next level with Honey Gold THC & Honey Gold CBD oils. The purified raw cannabinoids are collected via a super critical CO2 extraction process, and double distilled to eliminate as much of the chlorophyll and plant matter as possible. The concentrates are later infused with a rich terpene blend to create unique and tasteful oils.  All cannabinoid potency is preserved with clean bioavailability.

Product is available in 1(g) syringes of either CBD or THC

The final product is a concentrate that contains a profile extremely similar to that of the actual flowers of the plant, while remaining free of residual solvents and unwanted contaminants. Inspired by strain profiles with every input monitored for purity and quality, concentrates provided by CannaKids represents cutting edge scientific knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.

 CBD Syringe Features:

  • 858mg of CBD
  • 9.1mg of CBDv
  • 22.2mg of CBG
  • 62.4mg of CBC
  • 41.9mg of THC

ACDC (CBD) Syringe Features:
  • 733mg of CBD
  • 11.4mg of CBDa
  • 1.37mg of CBG
  • .19mg of CBGa
  • 3.31mg of THC

    Isabella's Bloom (THC) Syringe Features:
      • 773mg of THC
      • 1.3mg of THCa
      • 2.6mg of THCv
      • 8.6mg of CBD
      • 18.2mg of CBN
      • 12.8mg of CBG

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        Honey Gold Oil Syringe (1g)

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