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Chill quickly

Relaxing and go to sleep remedy

Protein bar

Great product, great taste and very favorable effects

Great for pain

Works great in tea for pain and tastes great

Awaiting the license

I know your license is pending. Disappointed that so many items were unavailable.

Master Kush

Great product!! Exceptional for headaches.


strawberry cough : the flower was dry although I think it's a good strain, maybe it was the end of the batch


Very pleased as usual.

Chocolate Diesel

Love this flower. Consistently energetic high with calming effects. I can multi-task or chill no prob.


GDP was outstanding! Delivery in under an hour.


Personal favorite now. Nice buzz to it, but fun and mellow. Im totally in.

The best!



Solid social euphoria. Recommend for low-anxiety people. Great with wine and/or beer.

Excellent product

Love the purity and light euphoria! Thank you.

Jack Herer

Not liking the aroma at all. Probably will stick with AC DC or Harlequin for my CBD flower from now on but it was nice trying this

The best!

I love this CBD butter. I love the way it goes on smoothly and yet not greasy. My joints thank you!

Great Service

Raja was wonderful, kind, and super efficient! I had my order in less than 30 min!!

Great service and selection

Love GDW for their incredible selection of organic products and fantastic delivery service !

Raja rocks

She was sweet, efficient and lovely. The whole experience was pleasant.

My favorite

Great buds great service!

Battery dead, unit still full!

Can’t toke it with a dead battery!

Phenomenal service - awful disposable vape pens

Absolutely loved my delivery girl Adriana.
However the pens died quickly, and two of them didn’t even work (would not draw smoke and the cartridges inside of the pens looked empty.)

Cbd for Cancer patient

They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable with my type of medical condition. I highly recommend this company.

dont do it. i've had 2 break on me

dont do it. i've had 2 break on me

Good Service - as always

Fast Delivery.

Abott Kinney OG

If it’s “Lights Out” you’re looking for, then look no further!