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Abbot Kinney OG


GDW Banana OG

CBD Kush

CBD Kush


Purple Tangie

Tastes like butterscotch, good even feeling

These candies tasted very reasonable, no flower taste. The feeling is very even and steady. Perfect for social outings where you need to medicate but not be sedated, also great just to take the edge off. Would not recommend if all you're looking for is head high. They have a different product with higher THC if that's what you're seeking :)
Only draw back is that like most cbd focused products it's a little pricey.

Abbot Kinney

Great product!! Always go back for more.

Sublime Gold Cartridge

I love the taste of the Sublime Gold! Nice and smooth....... Raja, the girl who delivered it to me was just great! Green Door West has really cool delivery guys and gals!

Excellent as always!

GDW delivers again! My brother, ever the connoisseur, agreed with me when I said they were the purest pre-rolls we've ever smoked. Can't wait for tonight's delivery!


GrandDaddy Purple

Great quality

The chocolate diesel is of great quality. It's obviously very fresh and the packaging will keep it so.


my first time trying a product like this. i added it to my morning shake. once again it tasted clean like all the products i have tried so far.

Not too strong

I should mention that quality of the product is excellent, but if you are looking to give energy or psychedelic experience, pineapple Express didn't live up to my expectation.


all smoke EXTREMELY FRESH always great aroma and taste

Ginger Apple Kombucha

this was my first time ever trying a drink with THC. it is important to me what i put into my body. this product far surpassed my expectation. it tasted clean, amazing, and very easy to dosage the 100mg per bottle. i am excited to try more products like this. Wiley the driver was awesome.

Button stuck on first try

The button that controls everything got stuck on first try - now I have to constantly turn the button for it to work. Also no instructions as to how much material to put in chamber and how many smoke I can get. I would not buy this again

Great service

The driver was friendly and so was their customer service

Good chocolate, slow

Chocolates were tasteful but the effectiveness was weak and slow for me. I had 3 pieces or 30mg and they took about 90 min for me to feel any impact. But from the taste point of view, I would purchase this again.


W!NK CBD Tincture


I have been searching for a strain that consistently delivers both CBD and THC into my system. Harlequin effectively delivers the needed medicinal benefits of CBD but also provides a very pleasing psychoactive component. Also, green door west delivery service has an excellent selection of products! But it is on the expensive side..

The "Seven" Cartridges

I really enjoy the "Seven" cartridges. They are so smooth tasting, I love them! So far, these are my favorites! And Michael, who delivered them, was so nice. All of the guys are so nice and cool!

Good Green

Best bud around.

But, you for got my first time patient gift.

No prerolls.

Key Lime Pie
As always quality products

As always quality products

Chocolate Diesel


Fantastic Selection

Fantastic selection. Searched everywhere for high CBD flower and this was the only place that I found in my area. Delivery was fast, courteous, and on time. Will definitely use again!