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Best delivery service in LA

Green Door is hands down the best service in LA. The product is fresh and beautiful and the drivers are all awesome. Thank you Ivan and everyone at Green Door! You are all much appreciated!!!

Great Service and Product

The product was amazing. What superior service. Cool peeps with lots of selection to choose from. At home delivery service with the best of Flowers...all Vegan, Organic and Pesticide FREE!!! What more could you ask for. Now if we can just get them to NEW YORK!!!!

First Time Customer

Registered and ordered in the morning and received my product right before 4:00 PM that same day. Paid cash. Very professional and classy packaging. Product is fabulous and met all my expectations.

sweet greens!

The cactus cooler is my new favorite.





Cool delivery crew,cheers

Love the service!

Green Door West is the best! Deliveries are always fast, and all of the people who have delivered to me are great!


A quick pick me up which is a great morning strain.

Really cool, but...

It's a great scrub, works like it should with instantly softer lips. I even think mine look a tad plumper. I think to enjoy the effects of the CBD element, I'll have to use it longer term. As a sugar scrub, it's sweet with a decent taste and works like it should. Jury's still out if the CBD is worth it.

Satisfied Customer

My positive comments are posted on YELP.
Dave is very knowledge,knows his product and addressed my issue immediately . The delivery was prompt and they followed the route and kept me informed. I will order from them with NO hesitation
Juanita B

Helpful, but...

This tincture has been very helpful. However, the taste is very inconsistent in it's flavor and intensity. In fact, the last several bottles have been way too strong for my taste. The formula is helpful, the taste has left me wanting.

Amazing strain!

The sour was an amazing strain with a smooth smoke and a great head high, definitely a difference with organic buds.

Great quality, wonderful flavor...

Great quality product with a wonderful flavor. Highly recommend...


Nice skunky smell. Fresh and sticky. Smooth hits.

Delicious & effective

Tastiest gummies I've ever had! & they help take away pain. 5/5

Perfect strain for ADHD

So Green Door West provides the highest quality medicine I've ever had & this strain is one of my favorites. It's got a gorgeous purple color & it smells heavenly, like sweet tangerines. It's the perfect daytime smoke. Most strains usually make it so it's a little more difficult to focus on stuff, but this strain actually helps me to stay focused! It's the type of strain where you smoke & get shit done.

"I was gonna clean my room, but then I got high....& cleaned my entire house!"

Chocolate Diesel


Cactus Cooler ftw 🌵😙

Little Mints that Work like a Tincture

Take 3 of these for a day of wonder and amusement!

Get Zen - Capsules

Such a great strain!

CBD Kush noticeably improves my pain when I use it. I'd much rather smoke weed than pop pills, that's for sure. It's a nice, mellow high so if you suffer from anxiety at all then I highly recommend it to you.

Tastes great + low sugar

I love having an edible that's low sugar and calorie as so many are just packed with both. These little mints taste great (I got the lemon lime CBD ones) and I like being able to microdose with them easily instead of having to cut something up. Great product, will purchase again.

Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture
The very best

So knowledgeable so wonderful