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Great strain

Cerebral, accelerating, euphoric, opens often inaccessible chambers of the mind...

hmbldt pen

Love this product! and green door west is super reliable!!


Good good bud. Great taste and no haze from nutrients. I'd highly recommend it.

5* Delivery

Great delivery service, thanks again!!!

Great service

Derek is a great representation of service with warmth and a smile..thank you Green Door!

A cut above the rest

These Flowers are consistently fresh, terpy, sticky,and perfectly cured.

This is the quality type of bud all the celebs and rich folks smoked circa LA 2007 when well grown genetics were for those in the know.

Delivery is prompt and fast. Really considering not dealing with dispensary lines or bs anymore and using this as my #1 !!!!!

Stellar customer service, wondrous product!



Great product. Michael was very pleasant to deal with. Will order again.


Purple Urkle

Best service for your buck

Just started using Green Door and their delivery service. Excellent experience. Ivan, the driver who delivered my order, was friendly and on time. The quality of the pre-rolls is great. I’m looking forward to having Green Door take care of my medical marijuana needs from now on. Cheers!

Very smooth when smoking, great stimulating high

My wife and I really enjoyed this strain. It had an immediate effect of increased motivation, energy, and creativity. It had a very pleasant taste and smooth texture when smoking. Definitely something I would smoke before starting a proejct or a fun day out. It might be my new favorite sativa strain!



Petra mints

Ezcellent! Very discreet!
Highly recommend!


This was an amazing legal product and I'll order again my delivery person was awesome hope to revive good vibes again

Poor Delivery

Promised a time for delivery. Changed twice and still late.

As advertised, almost too strong

Tastes good and really nice to have a gluten free edible. I divided it up into tiny portions (size of my pinkie nail) for a test run, which we calculated to be about 10 mg each. My wife and I each took one piece. I got super high after about 45-60 mins and it lasted all night. Fully body high with some cerebral effects. It did make my wife very sleepy though, but she also got a much deeper body and head high. The first two times she conked out after 2 hours. The next time she had some coffee with it and that seemed to work. Spent all night with a fun high after that. (We're new to medicating though, so have a fairly low tolerance). Overall recommend, just be careful with dosing!


Removes the stress quickly and has minimal odor.


ive gotten better quality for half the price, either get a better supplier or do more deals/promos. felt like a waste of money

Product spilled

I had the product in my bad the day I got it. I used it once, sealed it, put it in my bag, and the entire thing spilled. It was an awful mess. Delivery and service were great, product was flawed.

5 Stars for Chocolate Diesel

This is my second trip to Green Door West. I had the chocolate diesel I would rate it 5 stars. This is one of the best vegan flowers in Los Angeles. Ivan was my driver he was cool. I'm definitely going to order more chocolate diesel.


Easy and delightful, relaxing with no drowsiness in the morning.


No hassle. smooth order, quick delivery, smiling face. Yes!


6 Queen Size -Top Shelf Prerolls


PureGold Cartridge - Classic


Perfect! Have been waiting to try this product and so glad I found it! Fast delivery too ! Thanks to all ! Hmblt bliss is amazing! Got calm for my husband and it has changed his life ! Extremely excited to continue using ! Bye gross chemical pharmaceuticals !!!! hello natural!


The freshest weed I've had in a long time. Fruity Pebbles was awesome

Delivery AAAAA

Great delivery service ASAP!


Great service, friendly and right on time.


Breez Mints

Good service with Green Door West

I have had a positive experience each time I reach out to Green Door West. Each delivery person has been prompt, helpful & courteous. I have enjoyed the Blue Dream & the convenience of the preroll.
Brenda H.

CBD Kush

Delivery is both fast and friendly

Consistently nice

Banana OG offers a consistent pleasurable and relaxing experience. So is GDW.


This was an eye opener. An incredible and fun high that lasted hours. I will definitely order this again.

Sunset sherbet

Really nice weed delivered promptly to your door.


I love organic weed. I don't get the headache or the heart palpitations that traditionally grown weed gives me, so I was very excited to find Green Door West. The Abbott Kinney weed would be 5++++ except that it lacked flavor. While I will give the dispensary another chance, quite frankly I wanted an organic weed where the flavor is as good as the medicine. I expected more especially since the menu said it was fresh -- But on a positive note, the medicine was really great! and clearly organic.


Great service. Above and beyond

Lacking for Price

Not a bad blunt. Definitely over charged for a blunt thats a little bigger than average without any wax or hash.

Delivery review

The order the filled correctly and on time. Ivan was polite and professional. I would use your Services again


Strawberry Cough


GDW Skunk #1

1st order


Great for sleep.

Ariana was very nice and professional.

CBD Kush
Great service.....

Green Door West has good products and great service..So glad that I found them...Delivered right on time...Thank you Adriana


Master Kush


Bloom Farms Highlighter


Just the right amount of THC for micro-dosing and controlled edible medicating. Tasty, too!

Easy, consistent dosing

Good product. Usually feel effects within 1/2 hour. Good pain relief and relaxation lasting 3+ hours in a discreet pill. Will purchase again.


GrandDaddy Purple

Great service, awesome product!

Super fast and friendly. Great product!