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The service is amazing

I do some online browsing at night. I put in the time to be delivered the next day. Boom I get a text the next day confirming the time still works and they show up every time. On time

Green Crack?

Hi all, service was exceptional! Product is good but as I am allergic to most strains, I am always looking for Green Crack because I have never had any allergy symptoms. No one ever has it in stock as I need it , so I’m always hunting for it! I thought GDW would be exactly what I was looking for with being organic, lab tested,etc. but it must not be a true GC or the chemicals or fertilizer to grow it are causing a allergic reaction! “With my sinuses” I will probably not order again from GDW! Had high hope though!

Green Door is the BEST!

Love Green Door West and their products. Look no further. The Chill bars are fabulous!

Best service

Do not hesitate to order. You will be very pleased.

preroll review

great strain, very happy & uplifting
fruity pebbles my new fav, very relaxing yet you can still socialize
preroll perfect

GDW Skunk

Great for morning or day. Lighter high with active stimulant.


I ordered a few days ago and everything was amazing. The wedding cake was a fresh batch and it was extremely good. The color smell and taste are very good. I am old and have sensitive lungs and 90% of the bud I get from other pharmacies bothers my lungs. This one does not it is extremely smooth and very potent.

The current batch of the Abbot Kinney OG is extremely good as well.

Highly recommended

Thanks guys, very fast and high Quality

Great batch!

Tasty, medicating and just perfect batch. Will try again!

Really fast delivery

The best shop in LA. Really fast delivery!

Abbot Kinney OG

Great for really chilling out or for sleep. Very heavy body high. One of the best strains out there relaxing after a long day.


Love it. Wonderful citrus flavor. Great for day time use or when you want to feel happier but not tired.

Strawberry Cough

Wonderful flavor. It does taste like berries. It is great for day time use. Not a heavy body high. It's more cerebral and nice for chatting or going about your day. One of my favorites.

Cactus Cooler

Love it. Tastes like lime. Wonderful taste that has high notes but also a nice earthy base. It tastes like a hybrid! Nice for chatting without feeling tired. Really unusual flavor in a good way. I think there is something for everyone in CC. Hard to go wrong.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

I have to admit this is not one of my favs. All of GDW is quality product. If you like more mid range flavors this is good. A little earthy and skunky tasting. Nothing unusual. Not a wow for me. I like fruit notes.

Purple Tangie

Love the flavor. Very much tastes like a tangerine. If you like cannabis that tastes like fruit this is it. I think it's good for daytime. Nice high but not body heavy. Third time ordering PT for GDW.

My go to

Lovely batch, fragrant and CBD loaded to take the pain away. Mild psychotropic effects make this ideal for night time before bed.

ViVE Cannabis Tabs


The weed worked!

Amazing flower

The two products I chose were very good. Came in glass jars for freshness. The fruity pebbles was bomb! So was the bubba kush! Great products. Clean, organic, an super stick an fresh the way it should be no chemicals! Great work Green door west

Organic Hemp Cones

The Most Professional and Reliable Delivery Service!!

more and more I use delivery services via apps (restaurants, uber, postmates, etc.) I have been running into a lot more technical issues lately and I end up wasting time and money. Not only did the website easily introduce me to cannabis itself but made the process so EASY and particularly COMFORTABLE!!!
For New (New) Customers: I had little to no previous knowledge however out of curiosity I decided to visit and I particularly wanted to ask about various topics if I wanted to purchase. I was warmly greeted by a personal cannabis ‘concierge’ if you may, then she proceeded to get an understanding of what I was looking for. For my ‘beginner status’ I asked her about: legalization laws, medicinal vs recreational use, types of products, she taught me how strains work and how the flower is incorporated into the various products. Not only did she answer EVERY LAST QUESTION, I had quite a few. In addition, she recommended/advised to consult with a physician prior to making any purchases. And it's crazy to think that I was provided THAT level of customer care all via my laptop. Every other aspect of service from delivery to quality and value are ALL on the same level. The packaging is very discrete and sophisticated, GDW's trained professionals are very prompt, polite, and helpful (and always act surprised if you give them tip). Although GDW doesn't have an app the website is especially reliable and fast on both my computer and web browser. Not a single issue or problem with any of my orders or deliveries thus far. Hopefully as business grows and prospers GDW can expand their inventory and lower prices in the future.

Return Customer

Green Door West is alway has products needed. Always the best.. Thank you.

Rayne Drops

Great pen

Really liked it, soft and pleasant gets me focused and not too drousy (kush berry)