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Awesome service

Thanks for being rad. Great products delivery arrived earlier than I expected. Jolly good show, m8. Yes, I am currently enjoying their products, judge me.

nice body high

Great strain. Potent, does the trick. Super mellow body sensation.

Great Product for Energy!

I felt minimal pain and was very productive!

Best Hybrid!

I will order again for sure!

great balance

love this hybrid, it's perfect for being social, creativity. i have a tendency to withdraw and it's not as strong with the lemon tree, plus the scent is so subtle and lovely.

Great nd quick delivery

Very Clean High

Was a nice energetic high, will be getting more!

Good Stuff

Great Quality and Service.

I never ordered this!

I never itdered

Works perfect for my Migraines and Pain

I personally use this product to control my pain during the day while at work. It is also great for minimizing the severity of my migraines. I highly recommend for migraines or chronic pain!

Pain gone

I felt so much better I was able to relax and have a good day. It’s important to pay attention to the cautions on the product because it is it’s very strong. A little at a time works great!

Purple Urkle

Great grinder!

This one is high quality and works like a wonder. We got it delivered with our order as we needed a knee one and it’s one of the best we’ve ever had. We normally buy the $6 one but there is huge difference in performance with the slight increase in price!

Blue Dream

A euphoric, great tasting smoke.

Great product too expensive

The product was too expensive for the amount but it was great

One of the best ways to get medicine!

It was my first experience and I did not have any transportation and didn’t want to use Uber to go to a dispensary just to turn right back around... long story short delivery was my next option.

The issue is a lot of these delivery’s services aren’t that easy to use or get for various reasons.

Green door west is different. They make it easier, simpler and easier I would say safer as well. Plus they were very fast and you can get on the phone and answer questions if you have them.

To me customer service is everything and from ordering to delivery they were 5 out of 5 stars!!

Great service i just wish they had more edibles

First time ordering

It was my first time I ever ordered, and it couldn't go any better! I was looking for places where I can order late in the evening, or even night, and this place was the quickest! I had my stuff in just 30 minutes after thinking I'll only get it the other day.
The product is great 10/10, and I even got like a gift box with rolling papers and a lighter. Best experience ever!

Great Service. Great Product

I live in the Valley. Placed my order and had it in my hand within the hour. And the product is the best I've had.


Freshest tree in town… Very tasty and sticky… Super clean nice white ash!

Great service and products

I appreciate the variety and the quality. The service works very well, and last time I appreciated Noelle's helpfulness.

The beach

Excellent, timely delivery. Great products. I will be a repeat customer!

GG 4

Excellent product with great high. When the you open the jar you can smell it through out the entire house!! Delivery service was great with very courteous driver. My new delivery service for medical mmj! Thanks!

Harlequin high cbd

Good stuff!

Quick delivery, great packaging, good clean product