Credit Cards - Gift Cards

Use your credit card to pay for your Green Door West order

1- Add a note “paying with Gift Card” to your shopping cart (or call, text or chat with the operator)

2- Once your order is confirmed: Add the needed amount of Gift Cards to your Cart from this page (above) or follow this link to purchase one or several Green Door gift card(s)

As a quick example, an order totaling $172.00 can be paid by purchasing: 1X Gift card of $100, 1X Gift card of $50, 2X Gift card of $10 and 2X Gift card of $1 (see below)

Any surplus will be applied to your account or subsequent orders, or can be used to Tip your driver 😊 

PS: Just make sure to buy your gift card(s) under the same name or email you used for your order on