Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture
Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture
Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture

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Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture

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A heaven-sent Organic marijuana tincture. Mix it into any 4oz beverage for easy consumption (we prefer organic fruit cold pressed juice!).  No stinky smell, no messy rolling process, and best of all, longer lasting effects than other modes of consumption.

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This Organic tincture comes in a 1 Fluid Oz.(30ml) dropper bottle. The effects of this tincture can last up to 8 hours. For sublingual application, topical application or you can even cook with it!

Available in 2 formulas:

1:1 CBD:THC Tincture

250mg CBD | 250mg THC | Organic Coconut Oil

Contains 250mg CBD + 250mg THC, 500mg total per tincture. Each dropper contains 5mg CBD and 5mg THC.


20:1 CBD:THC Tincture

475mg CBD | 25mg THC | Organic Coconut Oil

Contains 475mg CBD + 25mg THC, 500mg total per tincture. Each dropper contains 10mg CBD and 1/2mg THC.


CBD and THC amplify each other’s curative qualities by activating different receptors in the brain. This synergistic dynamic is all-important for medical patients. It’s the reason why THC is key to maximizing the therapeutic potential of CBD, and vice versa.


Customer Reviews

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Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture

Dr raw tincture

I felt nothing and gained no benefit


The tincture is 100% organic cannabis oil and coconut oil. The CBD in equal proportion to the THC is ethereal. Fantastic product from a fantastic company.

Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture

Amazing and healthy tincture without alcohol and a bunch of nonsense! I also love that this a small dose so that I can add more as needed without worrying about having too much. I'm a regular smoker so it takes about 1.5-2 drops and after an hour, it knocks my anxiety and pains out! The only downside is that I wish the price was $20-$30 less being that I need more than one drop and there's only thirty servings per tincture.

For arthritis and spinal stenosis

Great customer service and all the products has been fully satisfactory.
I will be their repeat customer ..



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Dr. Raw CBD:THC Tincture

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