Tinctures & Topicals

    Green Door West provides tinctures cannabis delivery in the Los Angeles area and in Orange County. We offer CBD tinctures and topical marijuana for delivery to your home or desired location. All of our tinctures and topical cannabis products come from leading suppliers Read More

such as Whoopi and Maya Tinctures who are committed to maintaining purity in their marijuana offerings.

Our CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures provide the medical marijuana patient with a discrete way to medicate, and they offer an alternative product that can help patients avoid any irritation involved with smoking pot. The CBD tinctures delivery by Green Door West are made carefully and slowly, as the finest tinctures take some time to create but are worth it to the consumer. Choose our top-quality classic tinctures or our tinctures blends, like our Women’s Formula and Sweet Dreams Tinctures.

Medical Cannabis Topicals

The medical cannabis for menstrual pain that we deliver at Green Door West allow patients to fully benefit from cannabis concentrates and extract and from easy application of medical marijuana through the skin. A patient might want to choose a cannabis topical in the case of muscle aches or other body pain, because the product delivers relief without the high associated with smoking pot or ingesting weed. Some of the most popular topicals we sell include our Transdermal Topical Compound and our Pain Relief & Nerve Calm Cream.

You don’t need to step foot outside of your door, or into a medical marijuana dispensary, to get the cannabis tinctures and topicals you need. Green Door West sells dozens of tinctures and topicals products, and we bring them straight to you. Choose from same-day or next-day delivery, or let us know when you need your medical marijuana. We’ll make sure you have it when you want it, and we’ll send you an email confirmation so you can keep track of your order as it’s on its way to you.

Tinctures & Topicals