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CBD Kush

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CBD Kush offers the best of both worlds! 

The healing properties of the CBD dominate the strain, without the strong effect of high THC strains. The CBD properties help to promote relaxation, while still allowing you to enjoy your day. This strain is great for daytime use, as it will help to alleviate your pain and stress, without a heavy sedative effect.

Also available in prerolls for your convenience 

A hybrid strain with equal parts THC and CBD. This cut of CBD Kush tested around 7% in both THC and CBD, which may benefit patients with a low tolerance or those treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Its psychoactive effects are subtle, offering a tame experience that eases the muscles into relaxation without too much mental cloudiness

Because of its high CBD level, the effects are relatively mellow in nature, the high starts with a mildly uplifted euphoric effect that instantly relieves your mind of any mental pain or racing thoughts. This is accompanied by a very mild body buzz that simply relaxed aching muscles without causing any sense of sedation or loss of movement.

Much like its effects, CBD Kush has a very mellow flavor, with a sweet earthy floral taste and a smooth exhale. The aroma is very much the same with a slightly sweet earthy smell that is delicate and smooth. This bud has dense and heavy super long foxtail-shaped bright neon green nugs with rich amber hairs and a super sticky coating of sweet resin.

This is a variety which will appeal to medical users looking for a CBD strain, but we also expect some recreational users will be attracted to the strong body relief and the pleasurable and manageable high.

We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world's best grinders.


7.2%THC - 9.8%CBD
California Born, Raised and Loved: 
Indoor Hydroponic Farm - Veganic Premium cultivation - Organically Grown - No Pesticides or Fungicides

Customer Reviews

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Communication is everything. These kind folks kept me posted through. From the time I ordered... to it being dropped off at my doorstep.

Amazing strain

Definitely my ultimate favorite Cbd strain and quality .

Such a great strain!

CBD Kush noticeably improves my pain when I use it. I'd much rather smoke weed than pop pills, that's for sure. It's a nice, mellow high so if you suffer from anxiety at all then I highly recommend it to you.

Swift and sweet

Great customer service online and Adrianna's delivery was very swift and she was personable and helpful too.


CBD Kush



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CBD Kush

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