Green Door West provides an all vegan, organic, and pesticide-free menu of medical cannabis flowers. Our marijuana delivery service includes CBD, indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers that are grown with quality and sustainability in mind. Read More

 We deliver organic cannabis and vegan weed to cities throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County. We carry top-shelf flowers that are of the highest grade and that are completely natural.

CBD Flowers 

CBD offers patients many health benefits, including relief from anxiety, diabetic conditions, pain, inflammation, and psychosomatic issues. This highly potent and all-natural medicine has also shown promise in inhibiting cell growth in cancerous tumors.

Indica Flowers

Indica flowers provide a relaxed, calming feeling, and they’re known for producing that couch-locked state, which makes them best for use at nighttime. Choose indica flowers to help you with stress relief, nausea reduction, insomnia, and minor or chronic pain. 

Sativa Flowers

Many people choose sativa vs indica marijuana are used for their energizing and stimulating effect. Sativa helps people increase creativity and focus, so it’s perfect for daytime use. The medical benefits of sativa flowers include stress relief, increased appetite, reduction of depression, and ADHD aid.

Hybrid Flowers

Hybrid flowers give patients the best benefits of both indica and sativa species of flowers. To product hybrid flowers, the top indica and sativa strains are combined to create a medicine that offers the most beneficial aspects of each of the parents. Hybrid flowers may be indica or sativa dominant, and therefore they may carry the associated dominant characteristics of these species.

Green Door West has two decades of experience growing organic cannabis and vegan marijuana edibles. We now provide easy and convenient marijuana delivery of our expertly grown medicine, throughout Los Angeles and Orange County including Downtown Los Angeles and the beach cities.