Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)
Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)
Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)
Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)
Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)


Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)

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Mozen's All-in-One Pens are made with high-quality organic cannabis & whole plant CBD (not hemp CBD). The oil is CO2 extracted, solvent-free and is made with no cutting agents or synthetic terpenes producing the cleanest and best tasting experience.


Seize the Day | Sativa Dominant: Put some pep in your step! Create, focus, workout, or heal your body.

Effect: Focus, alertness, & anti-inflammatory.

Prominent Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene

THC:CBD 4:1 | 40% THC + 10% CBD

Power Up | Sativa Dominant: Treat yourself! Go big, make your body feel good, or use it just for giggles.

Effect: Energetic, uplifting

Prominent Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene

THC: 80%

Rest & Chill | Indica Dominant: Take a little vacation - unwind and relax because reality bites. De-stress and mend your body. Worries - what worries?

Effect: Stress relief, pain-relief, & anti-inflammatory

Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene

THC:CBD 2:1 | 40% THC + 20% CBD

Lights Out | Indica Dominant: Tired or had enough for today? Find relief with Lights Out. Do your body good and heal the pain. Couch lock, shut off your brain, and go to sleep - peace out!

Effect: Sedative & anti-anxiety

Prominent Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool

THC: 80%


How Strong Is It?

  • Filled in dots show strength. 

How To Use It

  • Inhale once, wait 5-10 minutes. Repeat for desired effect as needed.
  • Approximately 200 puffs per battery.


  • Better performance if mozen All-in-One Pen is kept upright.
  • To prevent accidental leaking, please store mozen All-in-One Pen away from direct heat and sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Super friendly

On time , very friendly extremely helpful

Just perfect!

Can't get a dose more spot on than this. Definitely plan on making additional purchases!

I love Green Door

Very helpful staff, easy ordering, consistently the best quality, and they deliver discretely while following instructions. I’ve used Green Door for a few years now and I would highly recomend them.



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Mozen All-in-One Pens (0.5g)

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