Zen Potion Magic Wand; Tea Time Will Never Be the Same

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? The answer might have a lot to say about your personality.

Tea is associated with soothing relaxation. A nice cup of tea makes you want to snuggle under a cozy blanket while your house's windows are spattered with streaks cold rain. You pull out a good book as your mind melts into the story. And the added honey has an oh-so-soothing effect on your throat that has you licking your lips and curling your heavily socked toes.

Coffee, on the other hand, plays an essential role at the beginning of a breakneck day. You slap the maker in the morning waiting for your brain fuel and you manage a few sips as you rush out the door. Your day can't start without your favorite cup.

But now you can take your favorite brew to the next level with THC-infusing "magic wands" from Zen Potion.

Pot Swizzle Sticks

These sugar-free stirrers look like little plungers. Hiding in the cup at the bottom are some THC-ladened crystals. The crystals melt in your tea or coffee to infuse a dose of weed into your brew. You can stir your drink with the stick until the crystals are gone which allows you to drink your weed discreetly.

Avoid Leather Lungs

Drinking your weed gives you an alternative delivery system for smoking. Smoking can hurt your lungs over the long haul so it's important to give them a break every once in a while. And these Zen Potion Magic Wands allow you to enjoy your high through the flavors of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Flavoring Agent

The Zen Potion Magic Wands are completely sugar-free but they do pack a punch of flavor. The magic wand's crystals are either flavored like lemon or lime which adds just a touch of tartness to your drink. Make sure to think like a chef to balance the flavors of your brew, or you could simply double down by adding lemon wand crystals to lemon-flavored tea.

Enhancing Your High

Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors. Human beings are naturally designed to feel the effects of THC. Both black and green tea contains catechin which binds to your CB1 receptors. This chemical makes you feel relaxed and it's enhanced with pot. The compound amplifies the effect of THC to give you an enhanced euphoria while reducing the risks of negative emotions. Drinking weed tea gives you a sustained high without paranoia.

Stay Discreet

Zen Potion Magic Wands allow you to ingest marijuana discreetly. You can buy a coffee in public and then stir in you magic ingredients without detection. This can be incredibly useful when you need medicine away from your home but always adhere to local regulations concerning the consumption of pot.

Proper Dosing and A Powerful High

The magic wands each come with a pre-determined dose. There is no guesswork. Newbies are recommended 10 milligrams while more experienced users can push the dosage higher. Remember that an ingested high takes longer but stays longer, and the high can be intense. Rookies take caution.

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