Your Essential Guide to Cannabis Etiquette

Now that cannabis is becoming more common at parties and other special events, it’s important to know the unspoken rules of using cannabis with a group of people. The key to using cannabis with others is to be respectful, compassionate, helpful, and willing to enjoy your cannabis experience.



If you find yourself smoking for the first time or the millionth time, you must heed these cannabis etiquette rules.

1. Share (If You Have Any)

If you have any cannabis flower, joints, or edibles to share, you should, especially if you’re planning on smoking other people’s cannabis. Unless you don’t have any, you should always come prepared with cannabis.

2. Offer But Don’t Bully

There’s a difference between offering someone a toke and peer-pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do. If a person declines, don’t assume they won’t want to partake the next time around. Offer them your cannabis a few times to gauge their interest.

3. Don’t Pack and Smoke Seeds or Stems

When packing a bowl, joint, or water pipe, make sure you set aside the seeds and stems from the flower. Seeds and stems are harsh to smoke and contain trace amounts of cannabinoids. You can, however, use your accumulated trim to make oils, waxes, teas, and more.


4. If You’re Rolling a Joint, Roll It Well

Don’t pretend to know how to know a joint if you’re amongst more experienced users. No one will judge your skills and instead, you will have a much better time because you smoked out of a perfectly rolled joint.

5. Whoever Packs It Gets To Choose Who Goes First

Whoever rolls the joint or blunt, or packs the piece, gets to light up first. That is, unless that person offers it to a guest or new acquaintance. Often, smoking cannabis makes guests feel more comfortable.

6. A Careful and Controlled Burn

Be careful when you’re lighting up. Carelessly burning a joint can make it burn unevenly. Also, when you take a first hit from a piece, you always want to barely light the edge so you can leave enough “green” for the next person to hit from.

7. Clean the Piece Before You Pass It

If you need to, curl your lips inward when inhaling from a pre-roll or piece. If you can’t help but drool when you use a mouthpiece, ensure that you dry it before passing it on.

8. Don’t Smoke When You’re Sick

Let everyone know if you’re sick and do not participate in the smoking session. You don’t want to get everyone else sick.

9. Puff, Puff, Pass

This unspoken rule applies to blunts. Since they’re larger than joints, you can inhale a couple puffs from them and then pass it on.

10. Pass The Joint Clockwise

Typically, you should pass the cannabis clockwise, so you can remember the direction you’re passing it to, even if you’re feeling euphoric. If the group you’re with is passing it the other way, follow their lead.

11. Don’t Tell A Story While You Have The Piece

Cannabis may not cost an arm and a leg, but it’s still a precious commodity. Don’t let it burn while you’re too busy talking.

12. Clear The Chamber

After inhaling from a piece or bong, make sure you clear the chamber. Stale smoke is harsh to inhale. Additionally, you don’t want to give the next person the task of clearing it.

13. Don’t Blow Smoke In Another Person’s Face

This rule should be common sense. Make sure you blow your smoke away from anyone’s face, even if you have to tilt your head up or down.

14. Say When It’s Cached

Inform people when you’ve smoked it all. The last thing you want is someone else not realizing they’re about to smoke ash.

15. Respect Cannabis Paraphernalia

Be careful when handling someone else’s cannabis paraphernalia. Even if the bong is plastic, show common courtesy.


16. No Judgments

Leave your judgments at the door. The cannabis smoke circle should be free from petty differences and should make everyone feel inclusive.

17. Ash It Before You Pass It

If your piece is cached, blow it out so the circle can keep going.

18. Keep Your Cannabis Properly Stored

Properly stored cannabis can last longer and taste better. Additionally, storing your cannabis in a specialized compartment can reduce its smell.

19. Make Sure It’s Ok to Light Up

Even if it’s legal in your state to light up, ensure that it’s ok to light up wherever you are. Some people might not be comfortable letting you smoke inside their homes.

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