Yoga and Pot Go Great Together

From aerial acrobatics to goats, yoga has experienced many trends over the years. While pot-infused yoga sessions may seem like the latest hyped up trend, the truth is that people have been mixing cannabis with meditative poses for hundreds of years. In the past, ancient yoga practitioners drank a beverage made from flowers of the female cannabis plant, and Shiva tribes burned pot as incense during their mediation sessions. In fact, pot and yoga were even being combined as recently as the 1960s by members of the Beat and hippie generations. Now that cannabis is gaining greater acceptance again, indulging in a little pot before and during a yoga session has the ability to take your practice to an entirely new level.

Choose the Right Strain

Whether you are new to cannabis or have long been a fan, you’ll want to explore how the different strains impact your frame of mind. For yoga, it is best to go with a strain that is known for promoting a greater sense of relaxation. Typically, strains that have a higher CBD content are associated with generating the mellow state of mind that pairs perfectly with yoga.

Find the Right Delivery Method

One of the best things about using pot right now is that you have multiple delivery options. Although smoking the flower is still the most common way for a person to partake, you can still indulge even if you are a non-smoker. Many people enjoy drinking a cannabis-infused beverage such as tea or cola before they do yoga. Alternatively, you could try an edible or vape-style delivery device. Just be aware that the delivery method can alter your experience. For instance, edibles tend to take 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, and the effects can last for hours. Smoking the flower, however, tends to provide more immediate effects that take less time to dissipate.

Extend the Length of Your Session

When you mix pot and yoga, you want to make sure that you have time to fully enjoy the experience, especially if you use tea or another type of edible. Make sure to plan your sessions so that you have adequate time to indulge. If you plan to smoke mid-session, then leave gaps of times for quick puff breaks. You’ll also find that you may want to leave yourself an extra half hour of free time after the session to fully experience the relaxing benefits that you receive from including pot in your practice.

Induce a State of Total Relaxation

Yoga and pot both provide similar benefits for the mind and body. Since pot helps to alleviate pain, you’ll find that your muscles loosen up and allow you to fall into deeper, more perfect poses. Between the deep breathing involved with your yoga poses and the calmer state of mind provided with the pot, you’ll quickly be lulled into a space where stress no longer exists. Over the course of a session, you'll make greater gains in your ability to stay focused while realizing that time has a unique way of standing still in your peaceful state of mind.

Whether you prefer to partake mid-session or take a pre-yoga puff, the combination of pot and your favorite poses allows you the opportunity to relax in ways that you never dreamed were possible. Now that you know how to incorporate cannabis into your product, be prepared to experiment until you find what takes you closer to a state of nirvana.

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