Will Mexico Be Next To Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Will President-Elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador support the push to legalize marijuana in Mexico? He hasn't ruled it out; in fact, he has signaled that he is in favor of fully legalizing marijuana if it will reduce drug-related violence.

Former Mexican Presidents Vicente Fox and Enrique Peña Nieto spoke up in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use after they left office. Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid also is in favor of legalizing marijuana to combat violence in tourist hotspots such as Cancún.

This year, Mexico’s Supreme Court established a precedent in two cases, allowing individual complainants to use marijuana recreationally. Mexico already legalized medical cannabis use in 2017; now advocates are pushing for legalized recreational use for adults. While the last two Supreme Court rulings bring the total to five rulings that state citizens have a constitutional right to use marijuana, the rulings don't legalize cannabis; that duty falls on Congress.

Soon-to-be Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero supports decriminalizing cannabis and shifting resources into rehabilitation programs. She is introducing a 26-page bill that would permit individuals to cultivate up to 20 marijuana plants each year. Users would also be able to smoke in public where cigarette smoking is allowed, however, edible marijuana products would be illegal.

Incoming Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrar also supports legalizing marijuana in Mexico to help end the rampant crime in some territories. He's already spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Canada's experience as the second country to make recreational cannabis legal.

Financial analysts are already suggesting several stocks that could rise if Mexico legalizes recreational marijuana, including KushCo, a California-based company that offers cannabis packaging. If Mexico legalizes recreational marijuana, it could be a potential goldmine for growers as well. Canada is struggling to meet the demand from consumers. When Mexico fully legalizes marijuana, it may place the U.S. in a position to cede some of the economic benefits of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry to its neighbors.

When U.S. states started legalizing marijuana, U.S. Border Patrol saw fewer smugglers attempting to bring cannabis into the country. U.S. citizens have shown a preference for legal marijuana that isn't contaminated. Citizens in Mexico are likely to follow suit. Ending the war on marijuana growers in Mexico would free resources for the nations armed forces to use in fighting the cartel's heroin, crystal meth and cocaine trade. Mexico City’s Mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera says that if Mexico legalized marijuana, it would deal a significant blow to the cartels.

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