Do I still Need A Medical Card in California now that Cannabis Is Legal?

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Now that "weed" is legal, many people are wondering what will happen to medical marijuana. Will there still be a need to get a medical marijuana card to use cannabis to treat certain ailments? Will anyone be able to get pot anywhere? Are there any other considerations that should be thought about?

California’s legalization of pot in the November 2016 election does mean that it will be easier for people to get marijuana if they want it, but it doesn’t mean anyone can get marijuana anywhere and smoke it anywhere. It also doesn’t put the medical marijuana industry out of business or give you a reason to forgo medical marijuana certification.

As all Californians navigate the changing frontier of pot legalization, here are some things to keep in mind:

Strict Regulations Will Be in Place for Recreational Use

Proposition 64 may have legalized recreational cannabis in California, but it didn’t give users the legal right to smoke marijuana wherever they want or grow unlimited amounts of marijuana. Medical marijuana patients, however, still retain their rights to smoke medical cannabis in places where tobacco is consumed. And, other laws pertaining to medical marijuana patients do not change with the passing of Proposition 64. Retail consumers, for instance, will be limited to growing only 6 plants at a time, while patients who use medical marijuana can continue to cultivate up to 100 square feet of pot plants.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card and Possibly Get a Better Price

Matt Kumin, a San Francisco attorney representing medical cannabis clients for the past 2 decades, says that today is actually a new day for medical marijuana patients. He, and other experts in the industry, admit that times are changing for marijuana in California. While more legislation will surely come as the state tries to sort out the details of legalization, we will likely see higher prices (due mostly to taxes) on recreational use of marijuana.

Projections for the Future 

It’s a given that California’s medical marijuana community, and recreational marijuana industry, will change dramatically over the course of the next few years in California. But, we think there’s no cause for medical marijuana patients to worry. In fact, continuing to buy your medicine through medical marijuana providers like Green Door West can be the best option if you’re looking for safe and responsibly grown pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Since the medical marijuana industry has had regulations in place for some time, you have a better chance of getting quality product now from a medical marijuana provider. 

If you don’t already have your medical marijuana certification, you can get a medical marijuana card quickly (even same-day quick) from Green Door West. We are the best medical marijuana delivery service in the Los Angeles area, giving medical marijuana patients the quality products they need including organic weed and vegan marijuana.

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