Which Country Smokes The Most Pot?

The country that smokes the most pot actually looks like its smoking. You head south out of the capital city to drive through a moonscape of smoking volcanic rocks. Neon blue pools of smoking water entice cold travelers for a soak under the northern lights. And thousands of waterfalls pour out of the central highlands which are covered in centuries-old glaciers.

Iceland smokes the most pot in the world per capita according to a 2017 study. And it's easy to light up in the "Land of Fire and Ice" with lava pouring out of the thermal vents that are literally ripping the island in half.

Marijuana, the Northern Lights, Puffins, Waterfalls and Glaciers

Marijuana is not legal in Iceland except for use in limited circumstances for chronically ill patients. But it is easy to see how marijuana became so popular in the Land of Fire and Ice with more than 18 percent of the population using weed for recreational purposes. The land is difficult to cultivate. Not much grows near the Arctic Circle. That's why much of Iceland's produce is now grown in greenhouses. Growing weed can be done in a controlled environment and it's easy to hide in spite of its heavy legal penalties. But Iceland's unique landscape and geographical features make it perfect for weed.

Towering waterfalls cascade down steep cliffs while glacial fingers pour out towards the ocean between snowcapped mountains. A dark water lagoon is a home to hundreds of floating glaciers that make their way out to sea only to be smashed by waves. This leaves black sand beaches covered crystal-clear couch-sized chunks of glittering ice "diamonds." And it all plays out under a green and blue fire in the winter's night sky. Iceland's beauty can only be amplified by Mary Jane.

Imagine a baked swim in the Blue Lagoon; a hot thermal pool glowing with silica. The air chills the skin, breath is released in clouds and the northern lights give your face a green glow.

The Rest Of The List

The United States ranks second on the list of countries that smoke the most weed. A survey, released on April 20th, shows that 16.3 percent of Americans use weed for recreational purposes. It's not surprising given the fact that many states have moved towards legalization including California. Legalization should spread countrywide after other states see how the world's fifth largest economy benefits from taxation.

Nigeria ranks third with 14.3 percent of those surveyed saying they use weed for recreational purposes. And Canada places fourth with 12.7 percent. Perhaps Canadians are getting ready for countrywide legalization which kicks in at the end of the year.

Wait, Where Is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is famous for its legal weed, smoking bars and pot bakeries, but The Netherlands rank 20th. This just goes to show how legalization does not lead to increased consumption. Iceland is number one where's it's illegal. It's illegal in the majority of the United States which ranks number two. And the Netherlands, where it's been legal for years, places 20th on the list.

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