What Is the 2018 Farm Bill?

In 2018, a farm bill was worked on all year long, starting in March and going through a lot of rewrites and changes until it would ultimately pass both the House and Senate majority. Finally, in December of 2018, President Trump signed the bill into law. This bill makes huge changes to the law regarding the growth of hemp as a crop in the United States.

Section 10113 of the bill defines hemp more clearly than ever before. This eliminates any questions of that both plants and products from the plants are legal, as long as .03% TCH is not exceeded. So, in this section, the term 'hemp' refers to the plant and all of the products derived from the plant. This has opened the doors so wide that they've been blown off the building, so to speak.

The CBD industry has doubled in just the first three months of 2019. Manufacturers are struggling to create products quickly to meet the market demand. Some people still maintain that the wording of the bill is shady gray in that it specifically gives credence to the growth of hemp in studies that are state sponsored and overseen. Not all states are allowing the growth, but the fact remains that the law can be read to mean that CBD products are legal to own.

There may ultimately be some push-back on this law, particularly in 8 of the Southern states where marijuana use has traditionally carried high penalties. For now, you can purchase CBD products and have them shipped to you in any state as long as they don't contain marijuana and THC levels over .03%. There are some sites that are illegally selling marijuana oil and you can get in trouble if you are caught with this in the wrong state. Make sure that you are purchasing CBD oil and you will be within the boundaries of the law as it is defined in the 2018 Farm Bill.

People are investing in the CBD and hemp markets in record numbers and it is said that the market has only scraped its first 1% of possible sales concentration. If you are looking at a great investment, and a great product, this is possibly the biggest product to go public since Amazon stock.

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