Weed Strains Can Make Awesome Baby Names

For many people the use of cannabis is more than just a recreational activity. It's a lifestyle that reflects taking it easy and enjoying all the good things that life has to offer. It should come as no surprise that some couples who toke often turn to their favorite herb strains when it comes time to choose a baby name. Sound crazy? Think again. Here are some weed strains that can make awesome baby names.

Weed Strain Girl Names

Mary Jane

Okay, this is not a strain. It's actually one of the most classic slang names for marijuana. It also makes a great name for a baby girl. Those who like cannabis will get it immediately, and those who don't will still regard it as a classy and elegant female name. It's very traditional, and those types of names are coming back in vogue.


Everyone gets a little sentimental when they recall the story of Charlotte Figi. The young girl was suffering from up to 300 seizures a week when her parents decided to give medical cannabis a try. The experiment worked, giving young Charlotte a chance at a happier life. It also inspired the development of a new strain that was named Charlotte's Web in the young girl's honor.


This cannabis-inspired baby name comes from Bay 11, a sativa strain that promotes a mellow euphoria. Well, parents can always hope! Bay makes a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. The immediate sense of peace and relaxation that comes from this strain will also come in handy for you when she reaches her teens.


The strain that takes credit for this name is Cinderella 99. It's a pleasant hybrid that produces a nice cerebral effect, and it has a nice sweet flavor. You'll probably want to stick with the shortened version of the name for a girl. Cinderella can be a bit on the pretentious side.

Weed Strain Boy Names


Few cannabis strains are more popular than Jack Herer. It was named after an author and activist that promoted marijuana use. This is a sativa strain that is very potent. It's everything a robust young man should be. It has a nice pine scent, and it is also one of the best strains for those who use cannabis in a medicinal context.


Technically a hybrid, Larry OG leans more toward an indica effect. It renders a nice body high that does not interfere with your ability to tackle those creative projects. Let's be honest here. Larry is just a cool name for a boy. It's reflective of a laid-back personality and outgoing demeanor, just the kind of qualities you want your son to have.


There are two reasons to name your boy Willie. One of them is in honor of Willie Nelson, one of the biggest cannabis advocates on the planet. Another is the Willy's Wonder indica strain. It's a powerful variety, so we would recommend moderation when using it to celebrate the healthy arrival of your newborn.

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