The Source of Your Cannabis Matters

When searching for cannabis products, finding a reputable source is important. The right source can mean the difference between getting safe, effective cannabis and getting a product that is either worthless or legitimately dangerous. It is always best to make sure a source sells cannabis legally with the proper practices and procedures in place.

When it comes to illegally-sold marijuana, these products are often laced with drugs or other harmful substances. This is sometimes done to increase the weight of the cannabis - in other words, to charge more for less of the intended product. Drugs that can be found in these cases include cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, and many others. Sometimes glass, laundry detergent, or heavy metals are found mixed with the cannabis as well, which can be extremely harmful to anyone who smokes or eats it.

There are dangers of buying marijuana from other countries, too. For example, China's pollution problems can affect marijuana crops. The cannabis can come with toxins from the pollutants, which, when smoked or eaten, harms the body as much as an illegal drug. The same can be said for any environment in which pollution is a major issue, so it is important to know where the cannabis is grown and harvested. In these places, low-THC cannabis is often distributed with labels that do not state the correct information. Any source should be open about its sourcing and the type of cannabis they are selling, and if they are not, that should raise a warning signal.

Green Door West is one trusted source for cannabis products. They have extensive descriptions that include the effects of each strain, the best times to use certain products, and recommendations based on who may or may not benefit from each one. They are open about where their cannabis comes from and they include the levels of THC and CBD in each product. They also have a whole section on their website dedicated to the safe use of cannabis products.

These are the ideal qualities of a reputable dispensary. Transparency is everything. In terms of brick and mortar dispensaries, it is wise to take note of the atmosphere inside the store. If the environment is uncomfortable, it may not be the right place to buy from. Staff should be knowledgeable and open about their products, and they should be able to demonstrate how to use them as well as readily answer customer questions.

As an online source, Green Door West is a welcoming and informed source where buyers feel comfortable getting their questions answered. If a dispensary ensures that the customer knows what they are buying and offers as much information as possible, this is ideal. No matter the source, research is always the best way to know whether or not a dispensary is reputable, safe, and selling effective products.

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