The Facts About Smoking Weed And Donating Blood

The Facts About Smoking Weed & Giving Blood

If you smoke weed and want to donate blood, you might wonder if you’ll be turned away. Many pot smokers don’t know the facts about weed and donating blood, so we’re here to share some insight.

There’s no doubt that donating blood can save lives, so if you can donate, we highly recommend you do. However, it’s important to take a few steps first to make sure that your donation will go smoothly so you can actually contribute your life-saving gift to those who need it. 

What are the Facts About Weed and Donating Blood?

The question many pot smokers have on their mind when they want to donate blood is, “Do blood donor locations and drives test blood for THC?” They’re also curious if they can potentially get in trouble for donating blood that is “tainted” with THC. The short answer is no. Blood centers don’t test for THC in donated blood, but they may turn you down if you show up to donate and you’re high.

What Do Blood Donation Centers and Organizations have to say? 

Some of the most prominent collectors of donated blood have a few things to tell pot smokers when it comes to weed and donating blood. When asked via email about THC testing of donor blood, the American Red Cross stated that the presence of THC would not disallow someone from donating blood. The organization went on to say that as long as the donor is not under the influence at the time of donation, giving blood is okay.

One of American Blood Center’s donation centers in Denver said that the purpose of testing on donated blood is to check for infectious diseases that might be transmissible through transfusion. The organization reported that donated blood isn’t tested for THC. This center explains that they don’t reject donors because they use marijuana, but they can’t accept donated blood from visibly impaired people or people who take marijuana to treat cancer.

So this should clear up some confusion regarding weed and donating blood. If you need medical marijuana to treat your condition, and you want to help others by donating blood, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make things work the way you want.

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