The Different Ways Members of the Public Perceive Marijuana

The public perception surrounding marijuana and those who partake in it has changed by leaps and bounds in recent years. This is due to more awareness of the benefits as well as changing laws. While many states in America have not legalized or even decriminalized cannabis, one thing is for sure; the impact of legalization is being felt around the country. How is marijuana viewed differently among certain groups of people? And what about cannabis has changed people’s opinions or validated their existing opinions? Cannabis has never been as mainstream as it is now.

There is no escaping the large varieties of cannabis related products and their advertisements. What was once a taboo is now an advertiser’s dream. Not only have ad execs profited, but so have the fields of medicine and science. When legalization started sweeping the nation, laws on research were finally relaxed. This has led to people of all walks of life singing the praises of CBD and THC loud and proud; or at least not illegally.

Medicinal cannabis has been available for quite a long time but in most places could still lead to hefty fines at the very least. Consumers are now not taking such a risk by sharing their experiences with others in a more public way, including their doctors.

With all the positive publicity surrounding medical marijuana, we must remain cautious. No matter the benefits, it is still a mind-altering substance. There are concerns that young people will be tempted to try it recreationally before their bodies are developed enough for it not to cause harm to young brains still growing. It could be argued that cannabis has been glamorized by celebrities and the media. Many consumers take issue with that. There are many children that use medical marijuana products in a very controlled way. Cannabis has improved their lives under adult and physician supervision.

Marijuana creates a unique situation for employers in that drug screens for THC can’t specifically determine if someone has recently ingested it. Some states where it is legal recreationally are choosing to do away with testing for THC in employment drug screens. To counter this, employers can become educated on how to spot the signs that someone is under the influence while performing their duties.

The image of cannabis has had a major face-lift. It is reassuring to those that use marijuana medically or to just wind down after a long day. One is less likely to be negatively judged due to the overwhelming support the industry has received. Criminal justice is already being reformed, and legalizing Marijuana is the proper direction to go in helping this reform come to fruition. Marijuana has become its own best spokesperson.

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