The Cannabis Strains That you have to try!

Though it may be tempting to go for designer strains or typical budtender recommendations, we recommend carefully considering the marijuana experience you hope to have and base your choice of strain accordingly.

To start, look at the strains as if they are on a spectrum. On one side, there are Indica strains which tend to be very relaxing and soporific. On the other end, there are Sativas which increase energy and alertness. 

Depending on your desired experience, you can choose your strain based on where it falls between the two (which is often indicated in the form of a percentage).

Marijuana contains more than 80 known cannabinoids that have been shown to affect different parts of the brain and body, various strains ,contain different concentrations of cannabinoids can induce different results. 

In order to plan the best marijuana experience possible, you should understand as much as possible how each strain impacts you .personally. and learn what would work best for you 

Marijuana strains for energy :      

Sativa strains tend to contain higher levels of THC, or the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. so Sativa-dominant strains are much more likely to promote energy and creative thinking.

Some of the most popular marijuana strains for energy include Sour Diesel known for its fast-acting cerebral high and tangy, diesel fuel flavor ,and Lemon Kush for its sociable high and sweet, tangy flavor. 

Marijuana strains for sleep and relaxation:

Strains that favor Indica characteristics will cause a much more predictable sleepy sensation which can be used to treat insomnia and sleep apnea. 

The best strains for sleep contain the presence of the cannabinoid, cannabinol, and CBN, all known for promoting sleep. These cannabinoids are products of cannabis degeneration and can be created by allowing your favorite strain to dry out in the sun. This process will cause the THCa to transform into CBNa which will transform into CBN when it becomes heated.

For example the grape ape  strain is a very powerful full-body Indica that would be perfect for sleep or relaxation. Green door west recommends vaporizing your delicate flowers: Try the Volcano Digit Vaporizer considered to be the Rolls-Royce of vaporizer, although its price tag can be hard to swallow, the good news is you'll only ever need to buy one of these German precision-engineered medical device. 

Whether you want to relieve pain or have a good night sleep ,or just chill there is a marijuana strain out there for you. 

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