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The Dangers of Dosing: Why our Vegan, Organic Cannabis Edibles are the safest for Medical Marijuana Therapies.

Everyone has heard at least one horror story from some poor friend or group of friends who have quite literally bitten off more than they can chew and experienced the misery and fear associated with ingesting too high a dose of THC from a Marijuana Edible. We all laugh about the Police Officers in Toronto who ate a Cannabis Edible during a dispensary raid and had to call for help because they found themselves stuck in their cruiser hallucinating; or the Officer in Michigan who called 9-1-1 after using Cannabis he stole from the evidence locker to make brownies, “I think I am having an overdose and so is my wife. Time is going by really, really, really slow, and...

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Breez Cannabis Mints: Buyer's Guide to Cannabis Candy

Marijuana infused candy ranges from gummy worms to cannabis mints for sale. Medical cannabis candies are a sugary treat you can consume inconspicuously just about anywhere. Mints, especially, give you a small dose of powerful cannabinoids like THC or CBD to consume during anytime of day. Medical cannabis Breez Mints are an innovative cannabis brand producing three flavors of mints infused with real peppermint to give you a fresh mouth and a pleasant cannabis experience. Flavors Breez cannabis mints come in three distinct flavors: Original Mints, Cinnamon CBD Mints, and Royal Mints, and all are made with real peppermint. Original Mints contain 50 mints with 25 mg of THC a piece for a total of 250 mg per case. The...

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Dixie Mints: The Convenience of THC Mints

If you take one trip to your local cannabis dispensary, you’ll notice that there’s a bountiful array of cannabis-infused products. Not only can you choose to buy cannabis flower, but you can also get all the benefits of cannabis through cannabis-infused edibles. Dixie Elixirs is a Colorado-based cannabis edibles company that focuses on making high-grade cannabis candy, drinks, mints, and more. In terms of Dixie’s candy options, the Dixie Mints are one of the most convenient, discreet, and consistent forms of taking cannabis-infused candy. Why Are THC Mints Convenient? Instead of dealing with the smoke and smell that comes when you smoke cannabis, cannabis-infused mints offer the convenience of being able to enjoy your product wherever you are. With 160...

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