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The Continuing Problem of Pesticides in Marijuana: Why certified Vegan and Organic Cannabis products are the only safe and healthy choice.

Bifenazate is used to control mites and other pests on a variety of crops and ornamental plants. Avermectins control parasitic worms and other insects. Bifenthrin, Carbaryl, Malathion are all different types of insecticides regulated for agricultural use. Myclobutanil is a fungus killer that is the active ingredient in Eagle20, which this blog has mentioned before. All these chemicals have a few things in common: they are all powerful pesticides, they are all harmful to humans in varying degrees, and they are all being found in Cannabis. What are the harmful effects of inhaling Pesticide residue from Cannabis? The honest answer is no one really knows. Since the Federal Government classifies Marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic, the academic study of...

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How Nationally Legalized Medical Marijuana would save thousands of lives a year.

The use of Medical Marijuana in States that allow access is responsible for preventing thousands of premature deaths according to a study by Dr. Thomas M. Clark of the University of Indiana. The Chair of the Schools Biology Department, Dr. Clark undertook an intensive systematic review of all studies published since 2000 that involved the effect of marijuana on mortality and found that not only is “Cannabis use associated with substantial decrease in death rate”, but also “the results strongly support the hypothesis that Cannabis use is associated with improved survival.” The study concludes that National Medical Cannabis prohibition and the resulting denial of access to Cannabis therapies is actually a major cause of premature death in the United States....

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Review of Hemp Rolling Papers for Cannabis Flowers

Over the centuries, rolling papers have used a variety of materials including wood pulp, rice paper, hemp, and flax. Nowadays, the cannabis industry has shifted toward a healthier approach to consuming cannabis. From adopting all-natural products to eliminating pesticides from cannabis farming practices, cannabis users are clamoring to optimize their cannabis consumption experience by using organic joint papers. Hemp rolling papers are the latest popular find for many cannabis users who prefer to roll their own flower. Better Flavors Some rolling papers contain additives and artificial flavorings that can impact the flavor of your bud. If you’re looking for an unadulterated cannabis smoking experience, hemp rolling papers offer a durable fiber that imparts no flavor on your flower when you...

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