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The Dangers of Dosing: Why our Vegan, Organic Cannabis Edibles are the safest for Medical Marijuana Therapies.

Everyone has heard at least one horror story from some poor friend or group of friends who have quite literally bitten off more than they can chew and experienced the misery and fear associated with ingesting too high a dose of THC from a Marijuana Edible. We all laugh about the Police Officers in Toronto who ate a Cannabis Edible during a dispensary raid and had to call for help because they found themselves stuck in their cruiser hallucinating; or the Officer in Michigan who called 9-1-1 after using Cannabis he stole from the evidence locker to make brownies, “I think I am having an overdose and so is my wife. Time is going by really, really, really slow, and...

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Why Cannabis is the perfect choice for a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Even though Saint Valentine of Rome was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II on February 14, 270 A.D. for marrying Christians in secret, it wasn’t until the Late Middle Ages, with a little help from Geoffrey Chaucer, that the feast day of Saint Valentine became associated with the romance of courting. Today, unfortunately, thanks to years of aggressive capitalism, Valentino’s day is an overmarketed exercise in spending money rather than the intimate endeavor of experiencing quality time with the person you love as it was originally intended.  However, the addition of Medical Cannabis from Green Door West’s Vegan, Organic menu can fix that. It’s all in the Anandamide. From the Sanskrit word “Ananda” meaning “happiness”, Anandamide is an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter that...

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Marijuana Chocolate: CBD Chocolate Edibles Review

Cannabis and chocolate is an excellent combination to reap more of the medical benefits of medical cannabis. If you’re looking to experience a mind altering cannabis experience, you’re likely to stick with THC-heavy products. For those looking for a more moderate and clear-headed high, CBD chocolate bars are your go-to cannabis product With the influx of marijuana candies at dispensaries, you get to choose a variety of cannabis edibles, THC edibles, CBD edibles, all with varying degrees of potency and flavor. CBD chocolate bars, especially, deliver a mouthwatering treat of all natural cacao along with pure cannabis oils. Check out these CBD chocolate bar reviews to decide which one is right for you. Whoopi and Maya Savor CBD Raw Cacao...

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