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How Nationally Legalized Medical Marijuana would save thousands of lives a year.

The use of Medical Marijuana in States that allow access is responsible for preventing thousands of premature deaths according to a study by Dr. Thomas M. Clark of the University of Indiana. The Chair of the Schools Biology Department, Dr. Clark undertook an intensive systematic review of all studies published since 2000 that involved the effect of marijuana on mortality and found that not only is “Cannabis use associated with substantial decrease in death rate”, but also “the results strongly support the hypothesis that Cannabis use is associated with improved survival.” The study concludes that National Medical Cannabis prohibition and the resulting denial of access to Cannabis therapies is actually a major cause of premature death in the United States....

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THC and Its Effect on Slowing the Progression of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s affects more than 5.5 million Americans, and their closest friends and family who see the deterioration first-hand. Family members often have to resort to leaving their family members who suffer from Alzheimer’s in the care of nursing home staff. Currently approved medication targets dysfunction in the brain and is often paired with other medication that treat behavioral changes associated with this disease. Despite a trove of anecdotal evidence and promising scientific research into the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s, federal law makes it nearly impossible to develop a cure for this illness. Cannabinoids, nonetheless, have proved effective at delaying the progression of Alzheimer’s. The Cholinergic System and Alzheimer’s Our cholinergic system is a complex network of nerve cells in...

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