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Cannabis and Its Potential to Reverse Brain Aging

When it comes to aging, we’ve all tried endless products, exercises, serums, supplements and even medical procedures to look younger than we are. In terms of the aging brain, your brain begins to lose steam after your 20s and 30s and ages rapidly after that, especially after you’ve hit 65. As your brain ages, you become more susceptible to brain disease. Unknown stressors after this age begin to cause brain decline and brain disease in some with a predisposition in their genes. Every part of our brain changes as we age. For this reason many older people have began to change the stereotype of the young cannabis smoker. In fact, seniors are the fastest growing group of cannabis users. Cannabis...

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Cannabis's Defense Against Aging

Aging is a natural process. Over time, our DNA and body become damaged until the point where biological systems cease to function properly. While the way we age is partly determined by our genetics, our lifestyle also contributes heavily. Cannabis has the potential to prevent and even reverse some signs of aging in terms of bone, skin, brain, and cell health. Cannabinoids Protect Cellular Function Many of the neurodegenerative diseases and damage to our body is due to damaged cell functions, specifically to mitochondria within our cells. Mitochondria are cell powerhouses that create energy from the things we eat to maintain internal balance in everyday biological processes. Mitochondria also signal to our brain to perform neuroprotective housekeeping when it notices...

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