Synthetic Marijuana Is Killing and Causing Injuries While The Real Thing Never Does

There is a great moral issue that has largely flown under the radar of many people at this moment in time. While many of us have gotten caught up in the debate over the legalization of marijuana, a story about synthetic marijuana has been allowed to skate by.

Synthetic marijuana is essentially fake marijuana. It is something designed by the medical industry to mimic the effects of marijuana while not being the real thing. The idea here is to create something that people will want to consume but also something that is legal. It is a balancing act that the medical community has tried to engage in, and now it is leaving some people with injuries or even death as a result.

A story from CNN outlines just how grim the situation has become. They reported on one incident in Illinois in which two people died and more than fifty were injured when they consumed synthetic marijuana. When they did so, then ended up in the hospital with injuries from blood in their urine to coughing up blood. In nine of those cases, the victims had rat poison reportedly in their system.

The scary thing about synthetic marijuana is that we often do not know what is in it. It is designed on the fly by various companies and even individuals, and it can have horrible effects such as those described above depending upon what is in it.

All of this is even more disturbing considering the fact that real marijuana has virtually no blood on its hands. That's right, despite what you may have heard from anti-marijuana campaigns from years gone by, the reality is that marijuana doesn't really kill people. It is a virtually harmless drug that people enjoy consuming. Other drugs that are legal such as alcohol and many prescription medications have killed far more people and yet remain legal.

The debate over marijuana legalization does seem to have hit a tipping point in some respects. Many states through the country have begun to legalize the drug at least for medical use, and some have even gone so far as to legal it for recreational purposes as well. Perhaps others will get on that bandwagon as they begin to see the impacts that synthetics are having on people who take them as a substitute for the real thing.

Officials in Illinois and elsewhere are still concerned that more deaths could be on the way as a result of synthetic marijuana. They are warning people not to use this drug at all. This despite the fact that this is the medical community's best answer as to what to do about keeping marijuana out of the hands of the public. Perhaps instead of trying to figure out a way to keep marijuana away from people, we should be asking ourselves why we are so eager to do so in the first place. It doesn't do the harm that synthetics clearly have, and the people really want to use it for their own purposes. Perhaps we ought to let them.

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