Review of Hemp Rolling Papers for Cannabis Flowers

Over the centuries, rolling papers have used a variety of materials including wood pulp, rice paper, hemp, and flax. Nowadays, the cannabis industry has shifted toward a healthier approach to consuming cannabis. From adopting all-natural products to eliminating pesticides from cannabis farming practices, cannabis users are clamoring to optimize their cannabis consumption experience by using organic joint papers. Hemp rolling papers are the latest popular find for many cannabis users who prefer to roll their own flower.


Better Flavors

Some rolling papers contain additives and artificial flavorings that can impact the flavor of your bud. If you’re looking for an unadulterated cannabis smoking experience, hemp rolling papers offer a durable fiber that imparts no flavor on your flower when you smoke. Furthermore, since growing hemp is so easy, it creates a far less environmental impact than other production methods. Hemp has an organic flavor that complements any strain aroma.


Chemical-bathed rolling papers negatively affect the flavor on any joint or spliff. Even more worrisome, some rolling paper and even hemp-based products use non-organic fertilizers, bleaches, pesticides, and other contaminants to make their rolling papers. Organic hemp rolling papers provide cannabis users with a clean and smooth way to smoke their bud. Raw hemp rolling papers are made of pure organic hemp pulp. Their “natural unrefined” approach makes their 1 ¼ size rolling papers the slowest and cleanest burn you’ve ever had.


Easy to Roll

Organic joint papers made of hemp are extremely easy to roll. They are well gummed so anything you roll will stick firmly together and not unroll spilling all of your ground flower. Hemp is thicker than other papers which makes them easy to roll. Once rolled, they also tend to burn slower than any other rolling paper material. A properly rolled joint can last surprisingly long with organic hemp papers.

For added function, go for the OCB organic hemp papers which include tips. Made using organic hemp and natural Arabica gum, you can pack your joint and include the practical joint tip to provide filtration when smoking. Hemp rolling papers can provide you with strong and solid papers that won’t tear easily and let your flower’s aroma take center stage.

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