Practicing Yoga with Marijuana

Practicing Yoga with Marijuana

All yogis love nature, animals, trees, and cannabis flowers of any kind.. With the recent passage of laws in the United States in both Colorado and Washington, who’s to say that interest won’t grow? There are so many reasons pointing to why yogis in particular should use this plant.

Here are a few popular reasons:

Focus: Marijuana allows the user to think deeply as well as calms and clears the mind enough to focus on the class and keep up with the instructor, If your goal is to clear the
way for better focus during yoga, start with small doses and note how it affects your ability to pay attention. listen closely to the cues, and go with the flow..

Breathing: in general Marijuana expand the lungs,your breathing may be impacted by inhaling cannabis through methods such as smoking or, to a lesser extent, vaping.

Recommendation: Indian Sadhus are experts on marijuana, yoga and meditation and how to combine them The Sanskrit terms sādhu ("good man") and sādhvī ("good woman") refer to renouncers who have chosen to live lives apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practices, as a part of their lifestyle they include marijuana flowers on their daily yoga practice. 

You may want to give yourself more of a ramp up time before practice starts or changing your method of practice altogether. Start slow and ease yourself into including medical cannabis use in your everyday practice.

Be sure to also stay hydrated and drink lots of water, which will help keep your mouth and throat from getting too dry.

Keep in mind that marijuana delivery is a tool to be used in addition to complete faith, continued uninterrupted meditation practice, and regular practice... this is the way to achieve the state of yoga. Namaste!

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