Politicians, Entertainers and Entrepreneurs That Smoke Weed

There is a long standing dichotomy about the use of marijuana. Although numerous researches vouch for its medicinal properties, it is still a challenge to break it away from its stigma.

The United States is gradually making their way towards legalizing the recreational use and purchase of the drug throughout the country, for users over the age of 21. Among these states are Vermont, Oregon and California to name a few. But there is still a low threshold of acceptability on this issue. Other states carry harsh punishment for offenders, leaving them paying a heavy fine or landing in jail.

Notably because the stereotype associated with the standard "pothead" is usually a troublemaker or a delinquent of some sort. Hiding in the dark alleys, waiting to prey on the innocent passerby to make an unlawful sale. Or, your typical "stoner" who looks to get you high against your will, promising to broadcast your cowardice if you refuse to do so. Only low lives smoke that stuff, right?

In its rise as a controversial topic, a lot of interesting people lent their voices to the matter. When asked, many renowned public figures either confessed to or voluntarily divulged their use of marijuana at one time or another in their lives.

Let's look at a few names and what they had to say about it.

High Offices.

Let's start from the top. Very prominent names in office did their own bid with weed:

  • Bernie Sanders - Said he "smoked marijuana twice... but didn't quite like it."
  • Barack Obama - The 44th president mentioned of his days smoking marijuana with his friends in Honolulu.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. Google it.
  • Bill Clinton - He said he "didn't inhale".

Celebrity Buzz.

Big red carpet names also talk about smoking weed:

  • Jennifer Aniston - She sees nothing wrong with it, saying she "enjoys cannabis every once in a while".
  • Lady Gaga - The singer alluded to smoking while she writes her music.
  • Johnny Depp - Although he doesn't consider himself to be a pothead, he finds weed to be less dangerous than alcohol.
  • Whoopi Goldberg - The actress opened up about how much she loves weed and how it helps relieve her headaches and glaucoma.

Carved in Stone

These established CEOs also had their brush with weed:

  • Martha Stewart - The businesswoman revealed to have gotten high with Snoop Dogg, the rapper.
  • Hugh Hefner - The Playboy CEO shared "smoking helped put him in touch with the realm of the senses..."
  • Richard Branson - The billionaire even encourages parents to "smoke pot with their kids".
  • Steve Jobs - He was known to indulge in both marijuana and hashish.

All these people are big in their field, considered successful and reputable. Weed can no longer really be associated with the downtrodden or the criminal. Not making a case for or against it here, perhaps trying to advise that as time change, so does societal values and perception. Should you use it, moderation is key. Should you not, that's fine too.

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