Marijuana: An antidote to sexual dysfunction


Marijuana has been looked at as aphrodisiac, a stimulant since ancient times. It is a nontoxic drug that is consumed both for medical and recreational purposes. Users in states that have legalised marijuana have been enjoying its sexual benefits for quite some time now.

Sexual dysfunctions can be a major roadblock to satisfaction in bed. Ever since cannabis hit the markets, a lot of men and women have taken to purchasing Viagra pills, more popularly men who have trouble getting erections. However, since decades, pot was known to be used as a way for women to heighten their sexual drive. Although there isn’t a formal body of study attached to it, consuming pot for sexual arousal in females is hardly new. Medical cannabis delivery can help both men and women in bed.

Causes for sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction has a lot to do with the stressful lifestyle most individuals lead. Work pressure, bills and the constantly evolving competitive world are the major stressors for both men and women. This affects their sex life. In women, the libido is directly affected. In men, the erectile dysfunction caused due to high cholesterol, also known as hypercholesterolemia is most common.

How does cannabis help?

For men, cannabinoid activation helps by countering the harsh effects of hypercholesterolemia. Marijuana pathways, referred to as CB2 (cannabinoid receptors) are present in many parts of the body, even in the tissue of the penis. Cannabis affects the histological features that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Marijuana may even help with the sexual dysfunction in the long run. In women, cannabinoid activation helps by loosening the libido. Several studies have found that more often than not women find the consumption of marijuana sex-enhancing. It is known to heighten desire, increases sensitivity to touch and leads to enjoying the sensual touch even better and enhances the overall pleasure derived from sex. This is great news for women since as the female gets older the factors that bring about sexual dysfunction tend to increase.

Medical Cannabis not only elicits orgasms but also enhances and makes it more enjoyable. Most couples will agree that smoking pot together amounts for a better sexual experience. Moreover, since marijuana is connected with relieving anxiety and stress, it helps relax the body, making conditions favourable for sex. Many couples say that it makes the lovemaking more passionate. However, users will have to practice moderation and decide if pot is really doing enough good.

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