Make Your Own Treats

You've probably heard of brownies that are made using cannabis, but there are many more treats that you can make at home as well with this special ingredient. A benefit of using cannabis in foods is that you sometimes don't taste the flavor as much as you would if you were to smoke the product. Start by using small amounts until you're able to determine how the treats will impact you before any increases.


If you're planning on making several baked items using cannabis, then this would be an option to consider using in the place of traditional butter. It can also be used to spread on toast and other pieces of bread if you don't want to use it when you're baking. Another way that you can use cannabis butter would be to substitute it in a pan when you're frying foods.


There are several liquids that you can infuse with cannabis. One that will make your mornings start off in a different way is milk. It can be used with cereal, or you can drink a glass of the milk with cannabis by itself. A tasty treat is dunking cannabis cookies into the milk for a stronger impact that you get from the strain that you use. Other liquids that you can infuse with cannabis include tea and a variety of juices.


If you already add herbs to the pasta dishes that you make, then adding cannabis won't be much different. You can also use the butter that you made in the pasta. Angel hair or linguine are the best options because they are thicker and absorb the cannabis a bit better. Top your dish off with Parmesan cheese and garlic.

Potatoes and Rice

Whether they are mashed or baked, cannabis goes well with potatoes. This is another food that you can use the butter along with fresh pieces of cannabis. However, you want to use small pieces of the product, similar to how you would use chives. If you enjoy carbohydrates, then rice is a food that you can try as well. While the rice is cooking, add the amount of cannabis that you want to use to the pot. Blend a small amount of butter with the rice when it's tender.


You can't forget to fix a sweet treat using cannabis. Doughnut holes with sugar are a delicious treat that will soothe any munchies that you have late at night. You can roll the doughnut holes in sugar cannabis as well for an enhanced flavor and impact.

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