Keeping Tabs on Quality Cannabis

When paying top dollar for medical-grade cannabis, it is only natural to want the absolute best. By knowing how to determine the quality of your cannabis, you can ensure you are getting a good deal each and every time.


Before even looking at the strain of cannabis in question, you should be able to smell it from across the room. The pungency of marijuana directly correlates to its potency. The stronger the smell, the more powerful it will be when in use. Also, check to see if the scent matches the advertised product. When dealing with Lemon Kush, for example, make sure it has a powerful hint of citrus when you take a whiff. Avoid any bud that smells like hay or doesn't have much of an odor at all. If it doesn't smell much, you can rest assured knowing it won't be very powerful.


Upon passing the smell test, cannabis's color should be examined next. Healthy plants often produce green buds. These can range from light to darker green, but the bud should always be primarily that color. Some strains have red, blue, or purple hairs which are meant to accentuate, not dominate, the color palette. Bud that this is brown, tan, or white most likely came from an unhealthy plant. Plant health is determined by how carefully it was grown. The less favorable the growing conditions, the less potent the cannabis.


Cannabis buds are best when they are hand trimmed. Having an excess of leaves still hanging on the bud is a sign that the cultivation process was rushed. If the product hasn't been properly taken care of, there is a good chance that the trichomes have been damaged in the cultivation process. The fragile trichomes give the plant a strong effect and shouldn't be mishandled by any means. Machine trimmed plants have a tendency to harbor damaged trichomes, which will ultimately lower the quality of the cannabis.

Bud Structure

Cannabis buds are often densely packed when maintained properly. While Sativa strains are light and fluffy, Indica strains tend to be light and dense. Hybrid strains can take on both forms simultaneously, so it is important to inquire about the chemical makeup when being offered any strain. Avoid buds that are parted and feature highly visible stems.

Trichrome Density

Trichomes store the cannabinoids and terpenes, so they determine how powerful the plant is. The amount of trichome coverage is easy to determine by just how sparkly the bud is. The more sparkles, the more trichomes are still attached. The trick is to determine if the plant was harvested at the correct time. Ripe trichomes will be milky white with a bit of amber. Prematurely harvested ones will still be clear. If the plant was not given enough time to grow, it will be less potent when put into use.

With these points in tow, checking the quality of cannabis buds should be much easier for you.

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