Job News: Nurses With Marijuana Expertise Needed in the Healthcare Industry

Now that cannabis use is becoming less taboo within the medical industry, the demand for medical professionals like nurses who are knowledgable about cannabis is sky-rocketing. It is becoming increasingly important for nurses to have an understanding of the endocannabinoid system, especially in states where medical marijuana is already legal.

Cannabis Nursing

Medical marijuana has created numerous job opportunities within the health industry that wouldn't be possible otherwise. One of those positions is commonly referred to as Cannabis Nursing. This particular type of nursing care is growing in demand amongst various subgroups of patients. One primary demographic that is turning to cannabis nurses are those who are receiving hospice care.

Nurses that are trained in the ins and outs of safe cannabis use work to guide these patients with proper dosing, minimizing unwanted side effects, and identifying and potential interactions that may occur with cannabis and other medications that a patient may be taking. These nurses also receive training in how to ethically work with patients and to maintain professionalism while working with cannabis as a medicine.

Cannabis Nursing for the Elderly With Chronic Pain

In addition to those receiving hospice care, the elderly and those who suffer from chronic pain also benefit tremendously from the care of nurses that have expertise in utilizing cannabis medicinally. Older patients, particularly those who struggle with memory, rely on these nurses to help to regulate their doses and to avoid accidentally consuming too much, among other common mishaps.

Patients who have issues with chronic pain are able to gain assistance with titrating and tapering their doses to find the amount of cannabis that works best for their body. This kind of care is tremendously beneficial and can help those who are in need of relief to avoid having to play guessing games in regards to how much they need for medicinal effects.

Any RN or LPN Can Delve into Cannabis Nursing

If you are a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse and want to get involved with the medicinal cannabis industry, there are courses available through the ACNA that will give you the training that is needed to move forward with doing so successfully.

Cannabis nursing is not nationally recognized as an official subset of nursing as of yet, but with the current rate that things are progressing it won't be long before American Nurses Credentialing Center offers a national certification for this specialized branch of nursing.

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