Is Smoking Marijuana As Bad As Smoking Cigarettes?

We’ve all heard the public service announcements warning us that cigarette smoke can kill us. Every cigarette contains toxic chemicals that can damage our lungs. Now that weed is legal for recreational use in many states, many people are wondering if smoking weed is as bad as smoking cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, weed contains THC and CBD. These active properties in the plant can have a number of therapeutic effects. When comparing smoking weed vs. smoking cigarettes, there’s a clear winner.

Is Smoking Marijuana As Bad As Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking Cigarettes

When you smoke a cigarette, you introduce tar into your respiratory system. The hot smoke can cause cells inside your lungs to begin to die prematurely. Cigarette smoke will not only damage cells, but make these dead cells reproduce at a faster rate than normal. Uninhibited growth of these dead cells can drastically increase your chances of developing a tumor. There is simply no denying that cigarette smoke leads to pulmonary disease and a host of other respiratory infections.

Is Smoking Marijuana As Bad For You As Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Weed

With all the negative research on cigarettes, you may be wondering if smoking weed is just as bad. The short answer is no. It’s not. In fact, smoking weed can prevent certain diseases. Even though weed smokers tend to take longer and deeper inhalations, the positive effects far outweigh any danger to your health. The THC and CBD are so helpful that they can even protect your lungs from developing tumors.


THC in weed contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation of the lungs. In some animal studies, THC has even been shown to decrease the number of tumor cells present in the body. CBD, another active property in the plant, prevents dead cells from multiplying, which, in turn, prevents tumors from forming. CBD does this by cutting off the supply of blood and nutrients to these dead cells. THC and CBD work together to protect your air pathways, unlike cigarette smoking that only exacerbates the damage.

Other Methods of Consuming Weed

When it comes to smoking weed vs. smoking cigarettes, smoking weed is by far the best option. There are also alternative ways of consuming weed. For example, a vaporizer can heat your weed below combustion point so that you do not get that harsh feeling in your throat when you smoke. Edibles, oils, and tinctures are also other fun and delicious ways to consume weed.

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