Is Marijuana Addicting?

In the United States, marijuana usage is currently and finally being reformed. State by state, the illegal use of marijuana is becoming abolished. Is there a reason to fear this rising trend?

Though marijuana is considered an illegal drug by federal law, it is no more potent than any other currently FDA approved medication. Statistically, only 9% of people who try marijuana actually become addicted. Furthermore, there are no reported overdoses attributed to the use of cannabis.

Though political stances may disagree, their beliefs on the dangers of marijuana usage are set in fear instead of scientifically backed data. Though many users may feel somewhat dependent on marijuana, they are not full-blown addictions. Instead, their body has simply adapted to using the plant and its release of naturally occurring hormones already present within the body.

When smoking, ingesting or using the natural substance in its whole form, your body begins to release an overload of endocannabinoid receptors. Much like a common antidepressant, these receptors boost your mood, well-being and general achiness. To simply stop using cannabis and reducing your release of these hormones, like any other medication, one could experience irritability, mood swings, and a feeling of general malaise.

Nevertheless, more often than not, most users do not report any significant side effects upon stopping its usage. Unlike most drugs, marijuana has a small number of manageable withdrawal symptoms if, in the rarest case, addiction does occur, namely anxiety, nausea, depression and GI problems. Luckily, if any side effects do exist, there are often different strains and strengths of marijuana that may be used to dwindle the patient down without discussing abruptly. In this instance, side effects and any chance of addiction can be kept to a minimum under the observance of a medical professional.

Despite the side effects, the benefits of marijuana dramatically outweigh the cons. When used appropriately, marijuana can overcome debilitating lifetime medical issues. From migraines to full-blown seizures, marijuana has become a healthy jack of all trades. Currently, there is an ongoing study testing its effectiveness for treating certain types of cancer, which seems to be heading in a positive direction. Meanwhile, perfectly legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine, which are not connected to any health benefits, are creating public health issues.

When used in its natural form, cannabis, unaltered by other substances, could be the answer to many health problems. Marijuana, which is evidently less addictive and detrimental than cigarettes and alcohol, along with its natural ability to release already existing hormones inside the body, has given way to a positive rising trend in the medical field. Though given a bad name via fear-mongering and the unknown, cannabis products could truthfully change the future of human health for the better.

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