How To Tell The Difference Between Low, Mid and High Quality Weed

For many this may be news, but all weed is not created equal. The quality of your weed depends on a variety of factors that determines how you react to it. Before ordering your next marijuana delivery, make sure you know what the difference is between low, mid, and high-quality weed. This guide can help you have more control over your weed smoking experience.

Low Quality Weed

Low quality weed is often referred to as “bammer,” “bottom-shelf,” “skunk” and plenty more names with negative connotations. As you’d imagine, low quality weed is far less expensive than higher quality weed. While it may seem like the budget-friendly option, low quality weed is unpleasant to consume.

When smoked, low quality weed feels harsh making you cough uncontrollably. If you want to avoid buying it, keep an eye out for certain characteristics. Low quality weed often comes packed with seeds, stems, mold or pesticides which can be dangerous, but tends to lack trichomes. It also feels dry to the touch and can seem airy as opposed to dense.

Weed that has been stored for too long experiences a reduction in potency, flavor and aroma. Additionally, less-than-qualified trimmers can leave an abundant amount of stems due to improper curing and drying techniques. Older weed tends to undergo a variety of chemical changes. For example, THC can break down and convert to CBN. This reduces its potency and sedative effects meaning it won’t be as helpful for specific therapeutic purposes.

Mid Quality Weed

As implied by its classification, mid quality weed stands between low and high quality weed. It can be the only option for those strapped for cash, but still want to experience the effects of the plant. Many dispensaries sell mid quality weed, eventually passing for the norm. Mid quality weed typically ranges between the 12 and 17 THC percentage.

Unlike low quality weed, mid quality weed isn’t as harsh to smoke, but it also doesn’t stand out in the flavor or aroma department. It can be spotted as having only an average amount of trichomes, being too dry or moist, and is often grown from subpar seeds or clones.

Mid quality weed shouldn’t be completely dismissed. Many growers simply may not be as experiences meaning they cut corners or not be aware of proper growing techniques. Additionally, many people may not have access to high-quality weed. If you do have access, though, go for the higher-quality weed.

High Quality Weed

For the premiere weed smoking experience, weed connoisseurs choose the top-shelf flower. High-quality weed produces a noticeably pleasant experience that is often described as “loud,” “bomb,” and “fire” among a host of other positive descriptors. Top-shelf weed typically starts at 18 percent THC and higher.

High-quality weed is hard to miss, or smell for that matter. If produces an extremely potent smell and is covered in crystal trichomes. The highest quality of weed is grown organically, without the aid of pesticides which can negatively affect the user’s experience and can even be harmful. Top-shelf weed looks dense and colorful. It’s also lab-tested, stored in air-proof containers, and handled with chopsticks, not hands.


While high quality weed tends to be pricier than its inferior types, it is well worth the price. For all of your high-quality weed needs, look no further than Green Door West. They produce organic, pesticide-free and vegan weed so that you experience a clean and pure effect, nothing less.

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