How to Make Your Own Cannabis Tea

Research on the health benefits of cannabis are far-reaching, and many people are interested in finding new methods for using cannabis. Making a tea with cannabis is a good alternative to smoking, edibles and other options.

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Using an infusion of cannabis preserves antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that may be lost when cannabis is ingested in other ways. Some of the health benefits of cannabis tea are:

  • Help with chronic pain
  • Reduce nausea
  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Protects lung and heart health
  • Reduces digestive problems

Tips for Making Cannabis Tea

Making tea with cannabis is very easy, but there are some tips you should follow.

  • Use stems, buds, kief and leaves
  • Mix the cannabis with a liquid or substance that has fat to protect the THC, such as butter, coconut oil or milk
  • Use a bag of your favorite tea to add flavor, or you can add honey to the mix

Steps for Making Cannabis Tea

Add the cannabis and fat liquid to a pan and bring it to a simmer. You can also add your favorite tea to the pan. Place the mixture in a tea ball. Boil water for steeping the tea mixture and place the tea ball in the water. Let the tea steep for about 30 minutes. You may want to let the tea cool before you drink it.

How to Enjoy Your Cannabis Tea

If you are new to cannabis tea, you should start with a small amount of cannabis. Your body processes THC differently depending on how you ingest it. Drinking about 1/2 cup each day is a good starting point. The average intake should be one cup per day or no more than one cup every 12 hours, but this varies by person.

If you would like to strengthen your cannabis tea, you can use product that has a higher percent of THC per gram or steep the tea for a longer period. Again, if you make the tea stronger, you should start with a smaller amount of tea each day until you understand the effects of the tea.

The Effects of Cannabis Tea

Expect the effects of your cannabis tea to take about 30 to 90 minutes. People who metabolize cannabis tea slower may not feel the effects for up to two hours. On average, the effects last for about four to eight hours.

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