How Marijuana Legalization Will Affect California

California marijuana legalization

The 2016 election brought a number of changes, including the passing of Proposition 64 in California, which essentially leads to marijuana legalization. The passing of this new law is great news for marijuana aficionados. Here is how Prop. 64 is going to affect California residents:

How Prop. 64 Changes Things: Before Prop 64, marijuana was legal strictly for medicinal use. This required you to have a doctor’s order in order to purchase, posses, or partake in the drug. With the passing of new laws, marijuana is legal for recreational use for people over 21 years of age. This means that any one of age can purchase and smoke marijuana and any products containing cannabis within the legal regulations of the new laws. The law also allows businesses to apply for licensure for recreational sales of the drug.

Marijuana Legalization Benefits: If you enjoy marijuana or cannabis products, you can now do so more openly. If you have ever been curious about marijuana, you can try it without fear of getting fined by the police. Weed, now, is essentially a commercial product. You can now look up a service for marijuana delivery in Santa Monica, or anywhere else, in the state of California and know it can be delivered to your door.

Pot as a Consumer Product: Marijuana legalization will also mean that consumers will be getting better quality products. Prior to legalization, there was no one to ensure that you are getting what you paid for, or that you are paying a fair price. When cannabis became legal in California as a medicinal product, this created a new business niche. We saw several businesses open to provide safe and legal medicinal marijuana creating a more competitive market that need to offer incentives, perks, and overall safe products. With marijuana legalization we will soon find the best recreational, or the best medical marijuana delivery service businesses, offering better quality product and better deals.

Marijuana legalization with Prop 64 will benefit both consumers and legitimate businesses by allowing all marijuana users to partake in safe and legal product.

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