How Marijuana Could Help Slow the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is reaching a fever pitch in the United States. Many people are finding themselves dependent on opioids after an injury. And it's a vicious cycle. The patient suffers an injury while pharmaceutical companies push doctors to prescribe opioid pain medications. The doctor prescribes the highly addictive "medicine," the patient gets hooked, the doctor receives a financial kickback from the pharma company and then the cycle repeats for the next patient.

This cycle churns out addicted patients who seek to stay on the medication. They then turn to drastic measures when the prescription runs out. Many seek out heroin while the depth of their addiction runs deeper. Some end up in rehab while an unfortunate few end up dead from an overdose.

But marijuana is here to help. Studies show that the citizens of states with legalized marijuana show less opioid use, dependency and instances of overdose. That's right, weed saves lives.

The Numbers

Opening up legal dispensaries for medical marijuana reduced dependency on opioids statewide in a recent study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. They found that medical marijuana reduced the daily doses of opioids by 3.7 million per year. That's nearly a 15 percent drop across the board in each state studied.

The Federal Government

The Trump Administration is ignoring these hard facts. While many senators are screaming for marijuana to be removed from the Controlled Substances Act, Jeff Sessions continues his fight against marijuana on a federal level. Cannabis is currently listed as a schedule one drug alongside heroin and meth. It is listed as one of the most dangerous drugs that each carry the risk of dependency and overdose, and the Federal Government levies heavy penalties for marijuana sales or possession.

Jeff Sessions is currently the head of the Department of Justice. He directs a team of federal prosecutors. These prosecutors, who only have so much time and effort to put forth, are being directed to attack marijuana despite its positive benefits. At this moment, the federal government is making the opioid crisis even more deadly and it may not stop until this administration is voted out of office.

Follow the Money

Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to sway elections, helps corrupt our government when it comes to pot. Pharmaceutical companies make billions in profits peddling legal heroin in the form of opioids to patients around the country. They then use these obscene profits to ensure that politicians keep the opioid market deregulated. They also need to eliminate the competition. That's why they go after weed.

Marijuana Is A Safer And Better At Killing Pain

Studies show that patients and many doctors prefer marijuana over opioids. Cannabis has proven effective against all three types of pain -- nociceptive, neuropathic and central. Cannabis helps stimulate hunger, melt stress and manage anxiety. It's also a lot of fun and carries zero risks for dependency. And nobody has ever died from an overdose of marijuana in the history of mankind. But weed will keep on being attacked simply because pharmaceutical companies can't make a killing off of it.

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