How Dry Herb Compares to E-Liquid for Vaping

In terms of vaping, the best choice is arguably e-liquid or oil. Dry herb is still a possibility, but if you’re looking for the best way to vape, e-liquid and oil options offer numerous benefits. Let’s quickly review vaping with dry herb versus e-liquid to help you understand why liquid might be the best option.

best cannabis delivery near meDry herb features that distinct scent whether vaped or smoked. Some people enjoy this scent and find it soothing, while others are put off by it. Vaping with e-liquid or oil generally results in no smell, or one that’s very mild and dissipates quickly.

Smoother Smoking Experience

Vaping with e-liquid or oil results in a much smoother toke than vaping with dry bud. Dry herb is quite harsh when you inhale it and causes you to cough. Coughing is still possible with e-liquid and oil, particularly if you are new to smoking/vaping, but it’s not as severe.

Higher THC Concentration

E-liquids and oils generally have a higher THC concentration than dry herb, which results in a faster, stronger high. Some people enjoy this, though others prefer the slower, more relaxed high/stone feeling they receive from dry bud. Suddenly feeling high is something not everyone likes. However, it requires more bud to feel high or stoned than it does oil or e-liquid.

Lung Health

Vaping is generally considered better for lung health than smoking. Vaping is a clean, smooth experience that does not involve smoking paper, something smoking herb usually does unless a bowl, pipe, or bong is provided.

Do your own research concerning dry herb versus e-liquid for vaping to determine which is best for your medical marijuana needs.

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